Air horn

I just got done with the last little bit of wiring, and my moped now has air horns. realllly loud.

I mounted them on the front fork, pointing down, and even gave them a coat of paint, because the bright red was a little too cartooney. I used a 4.5Ah 12v gel-cel and bungied it to the handlebars in a cloth lunch bag.

The pump is mounted under the side cover, and totally out of the way.

I'll post some pictures, once I get the digital camera again.

Re: Air horn

What brand/model horn did you buy? I'm thinking of the same mod on my Puch. The Gel Cell storage idea is a good one. I was going to put it in a pannier, but your idea seems a lot simpler, and neater.

Re: Air horn

Dude-- That's so awesome----- !

I hope some of my posts helped---- Wow--- so loud, huh

what did you say?

eh? All I hear is ringing.

Now, get "innocents" to press the horn button....

Hey this button while I look at the tail light......!

Let me know what kind of time/ performance that horn gives you....

You could inflate a raft with that pump--- go for a float and ride home on the ped...

Re: Air horn

I don't remember the brand of the horn, it was the cheapest one they had. I'm pretty sure that the battery will last a while, unless I hook fog lights or something up to it. People here freak out any time you honk at them, so I'll try to refrain.

I'm just waiting for someone to walk by and press that big, fake looking button on the handlebars, and jump about a mile, once it goes off.

Re: Air horn

Hope they don't knock the bike over doing it . If you want them to push the button, then just put a small sign on it "don't push " bruce

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