'75 Puch Maxi re: loss of power

Gary Trezza /

Hi! Just did complete carb rebuild, complete fuel system & tank clean, replaced all filters and fuel line. Ped starts on first try, idles great, runs when given light throttle, but then bogs down and loses all power when you try to open up the throttle full. also bogs under load i.e.: going up inclines. Any backyard mechanic help would be appreciated! Thanks, Gary

RE: '75 Puch Maxi re: loss of power

i had this happen on my tomos.make shure the air box is in. if it is in make shure u dont have an air leak between it and the air box. if ity dosent have one then u need one. it has somehing to do with the reed valve. the engine needs some suction to make it work. strange i know but its ok. oh and the ai box should be a little box behind the carburator. i fixed this mine works.


RE: '75 Puch Maxi re: loss of power

I bet you do not have the air cleaner in the carb intake. Once I took apart my carb on my 1980 Puch Magnum to clean it. When I put it back on the bike I neglected to attach the air cleaner. It ran just as you disicribed, and I paniced cause I thaugt i had screwed something up but as I put the cleaner back on it ran great.

RE: '75 Puch Maxi re: loss of power

Sounds like the airflow is too great or the jet in the carb is too small. Try running it with the choke on, if it runs better you should place a larger jet in the carb or tape off some of the airfilter element.

RE: '75 Puch Maxi re: loss of power

While the engine is running at idle turn the fuel mixture screw in or out and get the highest idle, then turn the idle screw in untill you get a normal idle, wa-la the perfect tuned carb....

RE: '75 Puch Maxi re: loss of power

Reeperette /

And, just to cover all bases, make sure you are getting compression in the cylinder.


RE: '75 Puch Maxi re: loss of power

I had this same problem. Same moped too..

Try adjusting your throttle speed cable. This is the cable that goes to the front of the carb. I had the same problem, when i used full throttle, the 'ped would choke out, but just before full throttle, it would fly.

Try tightening it up a bit..

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