Value on a 1979

Does anyone out there know what a 1979 Blanco moped would be worth? I really need to come up with a value on this one. It is in pretty good condition. The owner is trying to tell me that it is worth $450.00. Does that sound right to anyone out there? Let me know what ya'll think.


Re: Value on a 1979

How many miles? $450 sound a little high to me...for a used moped.

Re: Value on a 1979

Cyndi, If you are considering buying this moped remember this , nobody here seems to know anything about it. If you can't find anything on it anywhere then where are you going to get parts for it ? Older mopeds tend to need constant repairs and you won't want to search all over for parts that nobody has. My advise is buy a more common make like Vespa or Puch. good luck ,bruce

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