New float forum feature

I think that this forum float feature is neat if you are on this board all the time. That is if you are a daily poster like wayne and don and ron and others i can't think of. But if you check say every other day or once a week, it isn't cool at all. Now when i check the bulletin boards, I can never tell if i've read something or not. I know i'm missing posts. Anyone agree?

Re: New float forum feature

Well, you can always tell from the new posts</a> page which details all posts made in the last two days.

New posts are treated the same - they show up at the top of the list. So all recent posts should still be in the first page or two.

I might be able to make this optional...let me think about that. I might be able to put another link at the top of the forum to the effect of "use float to top" - otherwise it would default to the regular method.

let me think about that.


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