whats a piston and is it needed for a moped?

i just got my first moped and i need to know what a piston is and what it does and what it looks like. thank you.

RE: whats a piston and is it needed for a moped?


Check out http://www.howstuffworks.com/two-stroke.htm for some basic info on pistons and two-stroke engines in general.

You definitely need a piston for your moped. Just like for any motor vehicle

Man, did you study physics at school, or what?

I mean I learned what the piston is and how internal combustion engine works when I was 12 (now I am 25). Tell your teachers they are dull. This sucks!

RE: Man, did you study physics at school, or what?

your reply did not offer any assistance at all danny. no need to bust on the guy just because he's new to mopeds and wants to learn about them. we all have to start somewhere. go feel superior somewhere else.

igor - just check out www.howstuffworks.com and if you're going to work essentially blind on your motobecane i highly recommend ordering a repair manual for it. i have the manual from www.themopedjunkyard.com and it's not bad. i haven't found much use for it myself yet but i think you would. it tells all the parts and a lot of repair procedures. it would be better to invest $20 in the manual rather than having to invest $x for a new moped. plus that would mean one less moped on the road.


-moped army-

RE: Man, did you study physics at school, or what?

I'm also 25 years old ... and a Ph.D. student (so I'm not uneducated). I didn't know how an engine works or what a piston really "does" until about two months ago when I got my first moped. Does that mean I'm stupid? No. Only that I didn't know about that one thing. I'm sure Igor knows tons of other stuff and will learn very quickly about his moped and pistons and all that she-bang. BTW, I still describe many of my mopeds' parts as "the thingy that looks like the whatsit connected to that thing-a-mabog."

Anyhow, Igor, just check out <www.hotstuffworks.com> and that should tell you everything. I found it VERY useful for me, and it was clear enough that I could understand it. But I also agree with Dave, get the repair manual if you can. And also check w/ someone near you who knows about two-stroke engines in general (if not mopeds in particular). It seems that they are quite similar. The kid I bought my moped from didn't know anything about mopeds either but worked on it as a project in a small engines/motors class for school. It was mostly for lawnmowers, but apparently they have the same basic principles.

So don't despair, Igor. And welcome to the moped family! I was so surprised at how easily and quickly I learned about my moped. I mean, I can't even change a flat tire on a car without some serious head scratching ... but I can take appart my carburator and just recently (w/ help, of course) replaced my piston and cylinder. So you can, too!!!

RE: In defense..

I think What daniel meant was, people dont get taught basic knowledge anymore. I cannot tell you how many people I know do not know how to change a tire on their car, or even know how to check their oil. People are too used to having stuff done for them, they don't make the effort to learn the basic stuff themselves. I'm not saying you should know how to port a cylinder head, but basic knowledge stuff..

Not saying anyone is dumb, it's just that the quality of education in this country (United States) has gone downhill in a hurry

just my 2 cents

My apologies and thanks

Thanks for your understanding, Nick! You got it! Anyway, I'm sorry if I have offended anyone, I didn't really mean to. And just for everyone's information: I'm a linguist, I live and work in Russia and graduated from school there. However, the education issues are the subject for a different forum on a different website, so let's forget it.

RE: My apologies and thanks

the vibe of your post gives the thought that you were attacking the education system here which i guess you were (which is by the way like me saying that the way i used to see on tv that the people of russia had to wait in line for bread, well that's stupid and i should tell you about it) but then i thought well yes but this is a general moped forum though so it makes no sense to do that here. so i had to say something because it was unwarranted and that kid didn't get the help he asked for. there's a time for that sort of thing and i don't think it was one of them.

well now i want to comment on the education system, for a moment. what if while in school this person did learn about physics and pistons and all that jazz during class but at the time he just didn't like it enough to learn about it? a general education is a very good thing yes but only if you want such a thing. forcing a student to learn something just leads to the practice of memorization which is just the art of cramming all the given info before a test just enough to get the grade you want and then hopefully purge all that info so you can start stuffing your head with the next test's info. it's not about learning anymore.

like it was spoken though, not the place for this talk.

go to www.geocities.com/yoinkze if you'd like. i'm a sort of half moron/half nerd as you'll see.


respect .... then swarm and destroy!

The argument about educational systems is unecessary. Though I too think that the continental (German or French) system of education is better than the Anglo-American, that's not the point w/ the simple piston question. Also, what someone does or does not know is not a fault of that person. Igor genuinely asked a question. He was interested; he wanted to know. Just because he did not already know, does not mean that we should criticize him. So, no, I don't think the original response by Daniel was appropriate.

All Igor wanted was for someone to help him explain how his moped's engine works. I think that's wonderful. Igor could've just handed his moped to someone else to fix. Or he could've just said "to hell w/ this!" and sold his moped and avoid the hassle. Instead, he had the courage to admit that he did not know something. And then he had the determination to learn about this thing. And then he had the character to humbly ask for help from other people. For these three things, Igor should be highly commended. I would not count him as an ignorant or stupid person. Whatever education he received, he obviously knew enough to seek for help. That's perhaps one of the most important definitions of wisdom: "To know that you know what you know; and to know that you don't know what you don't know."

So next time, please, let's remember that everyone comes to this forum with different levels of understand about mopeds. And also keep in mind that different mopeds are VERY different. So someone might not know how a Motobecane works, but might tell you everything about a Piaggio Ciao. Finally, keep in mind that people of all ages, cultures, and languages come to this forum. They all deserve respect and consideration. Well .... except for maybe some of the flamers who hit this site. That's why SWARM and DESTROY is such an appropriate motto. Moped lovers unite! ("swarm") and then we hit back against all the moped-haters ("destroy"). But first we have to stick together and help each other out!



Ok, fellas, I admit I was snobbish. Miguel is right. Let's stop the flame and get down to business, the 2-stroke business.

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