my neighbor called the cops

chuck russo va /

today i adjusted my idle speed on my carb and when i was done i took it down the road and back and put it away and then i took out my sprint (has no baffle on the bi turbo and is loud as hell) and rode it down the street after i put a new plug in it. on my way back up the street my idiot neighbor who is old, is standing in the road making a road bloack with a rake. i stoped and he was saying that he is calling the cops for riding my "dirtbike" down the street i told him its a moped and he didnt under stand he is a german immigrant who has lived here for 40 years and can barley spreak english

after i told him it was a moped he said its not street legal because i dont have tags on it, i told him in VA u dont need tags or registration. then he said i was "racing" down the road and i was doing over 50mph i laughed when he said that and i said my sprint only does 30 (it really does 42 but i lied) and then he said he was calling the cops and i told him go a head they wont do anything

cops came i told my side of the story and told the old man that i didnt break the law and that was it.

the cop was pretty cool and he is the only cop that i ahve met that is actually nice most other ones are ass holes and then the cop said he used to have a puch maxi and then he just told me to try and not piss off the neighbors anymore

so after that i went into the garage and fired up the 4 wheelers and rode it all around my yard wide open trying to piss them off and all he did was give me dirty looks

Re: my neighbor called the cops


Re: my neighbor called the cops

InfectedBootSector /

Yeah... I had neighbors like that a while back. We used to run in their back yard all the time becuase they had one of those motion switched lights... we used to turn it on and off till all hours in the morning.

We had this other guy down the street that had these awesome apple trees, except he just let the apples fall on the ground and rot. We used to take them out of his yard all the time when they fell out of the tree. He sent his German Shepherd out after us one day... what a dick...

Re: my neighbor called the cops

Spike Bachman /

Man, nothin' gets me more fired up than crotchety old folks lookin' for trouble. You'd think in their advanced years they'd want to live a peace-loving life. But it seems like some are just hell-bent on being pissed off and spreading it around.

Even though I never get aggro with them (living with themselves is punishment enough), I love hearing about people who egg it up a notch.

Yeah but

despite all his orneriness and all.... you admit your Tomos is "Loud as Hell" ?? ... right ?

Then do both you and him and all mopedders (and motorcyclists too frankly) everywhere.. a favor.... OK ??.... just put a baffle on it.

Its the smart way to do things man... fair is fair... loud is loud... and nobody (including racer types).... want to listen to loud stuff a lot.

It may not have been a lot... but you know what I mean.

Heck... lotta times they run better with a baffle on anyway.

Thats the way Harleys are.. those guys run around making 15% LESS HP with those loud-assed straight pipes on than they would a tuned set with a good baffle.... thats a FACT!!

And annoying prople on purpose with them... well guess what ?.... The US Gov has stepped in and created Federal legislation that will OUTLAW ANY aftermarket exhaust products... (or mods to the stock pipe) for the life of the bike.

This law hasn't gone into effect yet... (and we don't know how (or IF) it will be enforced).... but its there now... too late to be nice now... (it only affects NEW bikes sold after the law takes effect.

Re: Yeah but

Fred, do you live next to some young punks with loud mopeds ?

Re: my neighbor called the cops

Sprint Man /

LOL, Chuck you is a wild boy

Re: Yeah but

> Fred, do you live next to some young punks with loud mopeds ?

..... Naw... there all buried in my backyard now.

Re: my neighbor called the cops

Hate to be the ole fart here but , chuck you basically have proven that you are a little ass..fired up the 4 wheeler just to piss him off.........the noise police are out there man and its little sh*ts like you that will bring them knockin on all our doors..Rog

Re: Yeah but

Fred, Did you see the article on 'moped bomb' in the moped sightings ? bruce

Re: Yeah but

well.. once agian... I will say this..

COPS are not to be trusted... there is no such thing as a good COP.

However was tlaking about the apples should move next to me.. I have 3 pecan trees and that pronounced pea can.

Also I have 2 peach trees and a Kumkuat (?) tree that has sweet/sour little organge type fruits..

yuou could come have all you want..

and if you were my neighbor you could also work on your moped all day long, as long as you helped me with mine.. and loudnes... like i said I've got an old chevy truck with dual flowmaster and a 400 cubic inch motor with hooker headers

hell down south we get tickled by revvin engines

Re: Yeah but

chuck russo va /

we have had a long fued with this neighbor once he told my grandfather that he was gonna shoot him because when he mowed the lawn the dust landed on his cars

so we are always doing shit to piss each other off

dont have a baffel

chuck russo va /

hey fred i would put a baffel in it if i had one , wwhen i got the ped the baffel was removed from the biturbo and i ahvent replaced it yet i prefer not to ride that ped because of the noise

Re: Yeah but Fred

Fred said:

>Thats the way Harleys are.. those guys run around making 15% LESS HP with those loud-assed straight pipes on than they would a tuned set with a good baffle.... thats a FACT!!<

hahaha Fred, I run straight drag pipes on my chopper, I know I lose a little HP on low end (they work better at a higher rpm) but I run them for appearance and the sound....Kachump..thump..thump...kachump..thump..thump..

and you should hear it when I'm doing a 20 second burn-out (not often) or cruising down the turnpike at 70 mph...wicked!! and the safety factor, waking up those friggin zombie cagers to the presence of a MC or a biturboed moped.

Shit, I gotta t-shirt that reads:



If that sound offends some people, thats too fucking's only temporary.

no worse than the neighbors screaming leaf blower for 2 hrs. straight or a dumb ass mutt barking at the moon all night..and that Ninja street racer rappin' off at the red light..what's the matter, can't those things idle?

New bikes are produced to meet EPA emission standards from the factory, and one of the first things the owner does is alter the exhaust and carb for better performance, we do the same to our mopeds.

You are right ON about the GOV out-lawing after market exhaust on ALL new bikes, it's a ANTI-TAMPERING legislation that the NHTSA and EPA is pushing, which includes the implementing of SHEAR-OFF bolts.....these are bolts designed to break off when you try to remove a part (exhaust,head,etc.) now THAT SUCKS!! DAMMIT!!

oh, and one more thing, the NTSA is looking into the control of how we dress when we ride,

maybe those little orange safety vests road workers wear, I shit you NOT!..more to come on that one.

Don't ya love it when the FEDS are looking out for our safety.

Now go out and make some noise!...except you chuck, hehe.

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