Tomos starting procedure

I just got a 83 Tomos bullet. I tried to kickstart it but the pedals won't go backwards. I am not sure if I am doing it correctly. Can someone give me the starting procedure.


RE: Tomos starting procedure

I don't know much about Tomos ... but if it has bike pedals, you should try pedalling it forward like a bycicle to start it up. Did you try that? If it doesn't start on the first "kick", then sit/stand up on the bike and pedal to start it up. My bike has a clutch, so yours probably does too. Hold that while you pedal and give it some gas. As long as your sparkplug is good and there's fuel going though the fuel line (check your petcock) you should be in buisness. If you hear it turn over, then just keep pedaling until you hear the engine really come on. Then realease the clutch and get ready to ride. You shouldn't have to pedal that hard to get it going. Hope this helps.

RE: Tomos starting procedure

pedal backwards. if that dosent wok then ur piston is probably seized!

RE: Tomos starting procedure

i had a 93 tomos bullet that you had to kickstart and if it doesn't freely go backwards Do Not try to force it. that could wreak havoc on the cylinder and piston and that is expensive and kinda a pain to repair. if you don't know about moped repair then just put it in a truck and drive it to a repair shop or something so they can assess any damage and check out the problem.

were you regularly mixing 2stroke oil in with the gasoline?


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What is a seized piston??

What is a seized piston??

RE: What is a seized piston??

when the piston expands so much it sticks to the cylender. thus rendering the engine fix this you need to bring it to a machine shop and have them take the pison out. then u will need a new piston adn have them bore the cyender acording to the new piston. this is expensive if it is bad. this is why it is very important mix the oil right.

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