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My wife is not crazy about the idea of me riding a moped to Florida! She agrees with you ! She wants to tag along with my truck as a support vehicle! But i am not very interested in that idea! That would take some of the adventure and excitement out of the trip! But that would probably be the smart thing to do. But i would rather go it alone with no support vehicle. I think it would be fun to have to overhaul my engine alongside the road!!

I am waiting to hear what Don-o has to say about the whole idea? He is a master at long trips and he knows what you need and what you don`t? I will be dissapointed if Don thinks this is a bad idea and doen`t want any part of it!! If Don says a support vehicle is a must, then i am all for it!

I am not into sleeping by the side of the road .I want to sleep in a motel every night. We would need to set a goal for every day, like 200 miles or 150 or whatever? But you would have to make that goal every day rain or shine!! I want a motel waiting at the end of each day!! If the goal is 200 miles a day, that doesn`t leave much time for break downs or sight seeing! I would like to have time to stop and do whatever? and still make the goal for the day without riding non stop from daylight to dark!!

I am willing to listen to any and all ideas, so if anyone has a better plan , please post it !!


Re: Don-O " I am serious!!!!!

InfectedBootSector /

Hey Ike...

I don't think a support vehicle is needed... even in bad situations, where you would break down and need parts/medical aids/etc., all you really need is a cell phone, some $$ or credit cards, and access to an area where you can have stuff mailed.

My idea on a very long trip like this would be to get where ever you were going, do plenty of sight seeing on the way, and then when you get there, rest up, and rent a UHaul truck for the way home if you didn't think you would make it. I REALLY want to go with you guys.. maybe I could meet you in Ohio for the trip???

Re: Don-O " I am serious!!!!!

I was thinking a truck simply for saving money.

If you could pack some coolers and a babrie que grill it would be much easier and cheaper then paying for food out 3 times a day plus the motel... I dunno.. Im one of the guys that think if i took my moped it would probly breakl down at some point.. and it bein a puegeot i would have to wait a long mother fucking time.. for parts... and that would mean the whole team would have to wait with me.

i just was thiking it would be cool to chuck it in the truck

and have it shipped to the next stopping point where I oculd be working on it and have it possibly ixed when you all pulled up as well as super waiting.. hehe..

oh well

I 'm not a wimp.. jsut being relaistic with my puegeot in mind.

Re: Don-O " I am serious!!!!!


You are not a whimp!! You are probably the smart one!!! If i broke down i would probably be cryin like a baby and sayin why didn`t we have a rescue truck for this kind of problem!!!!!!! I say if you have a truck following you, thats your business!!

But, i want to try it without any support vehicle! And could end up being sorry for it!!!

Re: Don-O " I am serious!!!!!

Ron Brown /


I appologize. I was not too serious about that comment. But I would never take a truck. Getting there with only the ped is the goal.


Re: Don-O " I am serious!!!!! 2 cents is..........forget the support truck ...and the motels......get some good gear...(camping)....make sure your unit is in good shape...a few spare parts......and bounce!........i ran across an article on a dude .....back in 78'......that lived in eastern canada.....and rode a ped to alaska then up to the north west territores.....and that hombre did it solo....the article is called "the leatherwood trail"........95% sure on the name there.....i think you guys can handle this run...........really, and if you would have all the bugs worked out .......for the next summit to speak....and still have a blast if you didnt make it all the way....the first time........there is always manana...........i would be down with this.......but im leaving this god forsaken place....(ohio) august, to go back to planning to ride down baja...beach camping and surfcasting...........and working out the bugs for the, brazil kruise........but i do say take a cell and a credit card......and of!..........

Re: Don-O " I am serious!!!!!

No no... Ron and Ike... No offence taken from the wimp post...

I am one.. lol... I don't trust my moped to take me across town... I guess since I got it i've always had problems.. maybe by then I'll have broken down and decide I've put to much time in the puegeot and just buy a Road Worthy 100% working order moped and be pretty dang confident with it.

I personaly think it would be cool to have a truck for the chicks.. the cameras.. some extra food.. even if they didn't run right behind us.... I guess I just know my ped to well

What would happen though.. on say a 10 man trip if Ike your motor siezed like piston damageor your coil zapped. Would you sit out.. be stuck with your ped or what would you do. Would you want us to leave you at the nearest town and keep on trucking or the whole gang sit around? What if it is a part that will take a week or longer to get.. what happens? I wouldn't want to be left.. but I would feel pretty shitty holding everyone up at the same time.

Wouldn't want to be alone either with no trasportation.. Sure I could probly catch a lift back town with one of you but then the moped would have to sit depending on how far it was..

Maybe you guys wouldn't call me a wimp If I carried a tow rope with me and put it into free wheel.. LOL

I could see it now...

Re: Don-O " I am serious!!!!!

hey don! i just posted this elsewhere.. but rt 42 (dixie highway) goes all the way to florida from cincinnati! i really think this would be an awesome trip... think of all the great stories (and photos!) we would have... you know you can count me in for this... definitely. take care!


Re: Don-O " I am serious!!!!!


If everyone rode a Puch, no problem with a new cylinder and piston kit, i have about 75 brand new still in the box!! I am not sure what bike i would take? probably a Tomos Targa LX?

Duck, i don`t want so sound like an ass or a jerk or anything, but i would hope everyone that signs on to this idea, starts out on a bike that is in the best possible condition! I am not saying it has to be a brand new bike but it should be in perfect mechanical condition! And you are right, i wouldn`t want to have a major break down and cause everyone to have to wait for me to get it fixed! I guess i would just sell the bike to the first person i see, and get on a Greyhound headed North!!Another thing to think about is the speed the bike can cruise at comfortably. If i am riding a bike that only runs 25mph wide open, and everyone else has a bike that will cruise all day at 30, then i will have to run my bike wide open and still not keep up. Wide open throttle for very long and i will be sitting along side the road!!!

Yes guys, this trip will require very serious and detailed planning! This is why i want to wait until next summer. This trip can`t be planned 5 minutes!

I am willing to listen to any ideas anyone has on this, so keepem coming!!!


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