Woo-hoo!!! (first moped happiness)

psychowulf /

Well, just wanted to let everyone know I finally got my first moped.

It's a 1978 Garelli Super Sport XL with under 100 miles on it, perfect condition for 325dollars. It still has the original owners manual, tank stickers, saddlebags, and tools.

I'll be sending in some scanned pictures from the manual for the photos section, and a photo of the bike asap.


Best part is she runs like a Swiss watch, one kick even with the chill this morning and she started right up.

Just wanted to share my joy with all of you. tries to wipe perma grin off face before going out riding


"Death to idiot four wheeler drivers!!! None shall stand in the way of the moped!"

RE: Woo-hoo!!! (first moped happiness)

Rock on! It's great that you have such a fine moped. And in such near-mint condition, it seems. My 1977 Bianchi Snark was almost like that (just over 400 miles) and shiny w/ original decals and such. But yours sounds like it was taken much better care of. Kudos! ... Best part is you have the tools and saddlebag. What I wouldn't give for those ...

Enjoy! Swarm and Destroy!!!

RE: Woo-hoo!!! (first moped happiness)

Garelli mopeds are sweet bikes i have one has high miles but still runs like it is new one!!

have fun


Pictures!!! (Now where's the cigars?)

psychowulf /

Just a few ok quality pics from my webcam for you all... Wait until I get my real photos developed and scan them in, also gonna scan in the whole owners manual and customer service literature if anyone wants a copy. It's for the 1978 Garelli 50cc Sport, Gran Sport, and Super Sport mopeds. Enjoy. =^ )


Pic of the right side of the ped.


Pic of the left side of the ped.


Ped and proud owner. grins


"Man that's one crazy ass dirtbike..." (Random person on the street)

RE: Pictures!!! (Now where's the cigars?)

awsome, that is a nice bike.


RE: Pictures!!! (Now where's the cigars?)

Wow, that look just like my Puch Magnum just in a different color.

Bah! (Hate stupidity...)

psychowulf /

Hey guys update on some of the pics, I have the entire manual and customer information books scanned in but I forgot the darn disc at my parents. grumbles

Why they have a scanner they never use and I don't really escapes my comprehension, but there you are.

They should be returned to me at the end of this weekned though, so soon I swear.


RE: Bah! (Hate stupidity...)

Simon King /

wow, are they clear scans? i'd be insterested in putting them in the resources area of the site if they are.



psychowulf /

They are pretty clear as far as I know.

You can still read all the info in the scanned images and see all the details pretty well in the pics in the manuals. Don't worry I'll send them in no matter what.


RE: Yep...

Simon King /

that'd be great....thanks...

RE: Pictures!!! (Now where's the cigars?)

Bret Martinson /

Hey,If you could scan in the owners manual that would be great!i am 13 and from mass and own a 78 garellie sport,81 colt4, Yamaha qt 50(my project).



RE: Woo-hoo!!! (first moped happiness)

roger green /

just got my first moped too!! a 1979 puch maxi 2 hp and i love it. cost me 350 and it had less than 800 miles on it.


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