some pics of my new moped

I just put up some pix of my "new" 1980 Puch, if you're in the mood:

<a href=""></a>

Also, anyone know if that's a Maxi? I thought so but then I looked at pictures of Maxis on other sites and they all seem to have in-frame gastanks....

Re: some pics of my new moped

I have never seen a puch moped with a detachable gas tank. That is awesome!

Re: some pics of my new moped

hahah. nice story. lucky bastard

Re: some pics of my new moped

Dave Gregory /

hey man sweet ped....thats a puch kromag...not a maxi. thats the moped that puch started making after they bought out free spirit. nice moped. if u need any help with it ask me...i'll have the answers


Re: A Sears Free Spirit?

Check the pictures for a Sears Free spirit and you will find a similar looking moped.

You still have the "No Unleaded Gas" sticker. Ignore it. Lead is for four strokes.

Nice find and a excellent moped revival story!


Re: A Sears Free Spirit?

dave- perhaps you could offer an assist with a 77 free"be" that I am trying to get going. i've noticed this ped is very similar to a tomos and am curious if i add 90 wt gearbox oil, or tranny fluid, in the section of the motor on the opposite side of the points?! woulld you know the plug gap width, and, since i'm having difficulty with spark, could the condensor be "bum"? (the wiring circuit seems complete!)

any advice you could offer is really appreciated, not only by me, but by my "poltergeist" too!


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