some in put please

why do people not like roadmaster s

besides the fact their junky looking and they eat tire

Re: some in put please

i dont like them because they eat tire.

oh wait, you already said that. :(

Re: some in put please

I own one, and it does 10 mph, but only if you pedal! It's more of a motor-assist bicycle than a moped in my opinion.

Although, it was my first motor vehicle. I rode the hell out of it when I was 14.

hey casey

I was always wondering if the Proma exhaust for your PA50II came with a diff carb jet?... or did you ever change it ?

Re: some in put please

Hey Guys, if you tune then corrct and clean the exhaust port, and correct tire on back they will run 20 to 22mph, I built and sold a load of them, still got parts left. Its a neighborhood ride. Later Guys Doug D

Re: hey casey

no, i just adjusted the mixture screw a little.. plug chops are perfect.

i actually never asked, but i couldnt find anywhere else to get a lerger jet for the mikuni...


Re: some in put please

i got one for free and was trying to restore it but i dont have the time do you want it

Re: some in put please

Anthony Tod /

Hi Guys,

We ran the proma exhaust by hand drilling the jet with a 1mm drill, did the trick.

Now we have a malossi carb kit for the PA50 that has idle normal and full jets (or whatever the correct term is) and we had a load of jets off to tune it up, took 7 hours but it was worth it, look for return of the camino thread and clips for the results...

Re: some in put please

Matt Wilson /

Damn 1mm thats a 100 jet size pretty big...but I suppose not that big for a race bike.

I checked out your website. Do you have a parts list anywhere? I'm interested in all the parts you added.

Re: some in put please

Anthony Tod /

Not sure what you mean by my website, I have one but I haven't updated that since the last girlfriend!

Do you mean the mpeg attachments?

We have the malossi carb and the big promo exhaust.

We are presently running the front variator with an old three slot version and ball bearings, as the weight seems about right to change up off the top of the power curve and the diameter is about right to keep acceleration up when he is changed up, limits top end, but we are not too worried about that.

We had to grind out the bottom of the frame to fit in the carb properly, even though it is designed for the engine, but we have braced across the middle of the frame to make up for it.

We will be racing all weekend, so I will have new pictures and mpegs of the results, just hope it all hangs together.

Getting very excited!

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