Bing carb, but which one?

This is a pic of the Bing carb on my 1956 Everest, Zundapp 50cc engine. I need the top dealie that the throttle cable attaches to. Does anyone here have any idea what carb I can buy to get what I need here? I checked a couple of the moped parts houses online and the carbs they stock don't look anything like this one--this one is horizontal, and the others are vertical, if you know what I mean. Anyway, I'd really appreciate any leads!


Re: Bing carb, but which one?

The top looks the same as the bing carbs that I have seen; Although I have never seen one quite like that. Are there any numbers on the side? Looks like you just need the throttle slide, choke slide, spring and clip.

Re: Bing carb, but which one?

that looks just like the carb from a Kreidler (which is very similar to a zundapp).. try contacting moped warehouse (ask for chris)... im pretty sure they have kreidler parts. also, handy bikes has a huge selection of parts.. and they had a pretty ok kreidler selection. the top plate with the choke, etc. is slightly bigger and a slightly different shape on that one compared to a Puch bing.. i have tried.. ( good luck! (call and ask for BJ)

also, any carb that is the same size as the manifold will work.. i would suggest buying a Puch bing of the same size (mm) and put that on. it will almost definitely work... the only thing you have to worry about it the clearance with the body of the bike.


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