Thank God for the police

Jon Dalton /

With the police's help, I finally got my Torrot moped back from the crazy guy I used to live with. I did have to let myself be attacked several times by this guy before they took me seriously, but last wednesday after a neighbour called 911 because of him almost beating us up on the street, some cops arrived. Of course, they're more inclined to believe the crazy lies my old housemate started telling them than the fact that there was a moped locked to the tree behind the house. The good news is I got my moped back, the bad news is he threw out the two side covers and possibly the carb. It also turned out that one of the cops was the first one to ever pull me over on my moped, she recognized me when I showed her my license! My friend recognized another cop from the time he defended himself against an attempted rape and almost got charged for it. It was only weeks ago that they almost took my Honda away from me. Though it really seems through this whole chain of events that the system is all for the criminal, I have to say this time that I couldn't have done it without the police. Well, that or my hacksaw.

Police--Good and Bad

The Police treated me pretty fairly after my road rage fight--

the guy I hit was pouring blood, and I wasn't hurt at all. They let us both go, no names or plate #'s taken.

The cops can be fair-- I used to think they were all bad, until I grew up a little and realized most of the things I was doing as a rebellious teen were the things cops look for---

Drinking in the woods, speeding in cars, walking around in public drunk at 17, screeching tires, loud music and parties, hanging my body out of a vehicle, riding on the roof rack, etc etc. I was a punk, and any trouble I got from the police was 95% deserved.

The older I get, the more "fair" the cops seem to be. (is that cause the cops are getting older too...?) Although, it is true that many people who become cops are jocks or kids that got picked on in school, or servicemen (MP's) with previous experience as MP's not as civilian police..... You can treat an Army Private a lot worse than a civillian, but the cops don't always remember that once they hit the streets.

I've also noticed that some of the cops that were the WORST when they first became rookie cops, have calmed down---Perhaps learned more about human nature.

Some of the things that get a rookie cop wound up and mad wouldn't even raise the eyebrow of a 10 year veteran of the force.

One day, the bastard rookie cop must realize that being a jerk to everyone you encounter doesn't change the world, the city, or the neighborhood you are policing.

A rookie cop, fresh from the Marine Corps, wrote me up a ticket for OUI, which was dropped because it was so ridiculous.

When I told an older cop, who I trust about this situation, he said he wouldn't have written me up, because I would get what I deserved for riding a moped drunk--not to mention I wasn't drunk. The cool cop couldn't believe the rookie was going to go to the D.A. and try to convict a moped with a .02 BAC level. Obviously the D.A. saw through this sham of a case and dropped it.

(I wasn't drunk either-- one beer after a 14 hour shift in front of a 2000 degree brick oven wood fired pizza oven. I blew a ".02" which is about 1 beer.

The look on the rookies face when I blew the point .02 was great-- when he realized that I was really dehydrated and tired and he had arrested me for OUI after one beer and had a .02 registered and printed on the Breathalyzer.

As I said, no charges.... but the difference between a veteran cop and a rookie is huge...Around here they make the rookies work the night shift for a few years until they are considered 'fit' to deal with normal citizens.

I'm not saying you're a loser, just because you're out at 3am, but from the cops point of view...

"What's this jerk doing out on a moped at 3am--- does he think this is a free country or something? Better go check it out. Super rookie to the rescue....!"

The only place I want to see the blue lights is at K-mart. Some of the new strobing police lights are enough to trigger a seizure.....

"Sir... could you walk a straight line while you stare into my strobing revolving flashing lights? You seem though all you can see are spots.... you must be drunk!"

Arrest him--- off with his head!

Re: Police--Good and Bad

Hahha. Yeah, same with cops around here. I got a ticket for crossing the street on my dirtbike, and guess who, a rookie. Anyway, i got off

Re: Police--Good and Bad

police are all bad.. just anouther gang... with a little organzation to insure they make a profit and aren't questioned.

Re: Police--Good and Bad

Reeperette /

I've never had much decent experience with the Police, myself.

When I have needed them, like the night someone was firing a .22 rifle into my house....they tell me to piss off, put me on hold, and show up long AFTER the bastard took off.

Yet, when someone tries to steal my moped and I am in the process of doin some not-so-nice things about it, they're right there, not even five damn minutes later, threatenin ME for defending my property....actin like I should just sit back and let em take it, then file a report, yeah, riiiight.

Not just rookies, although they're surely the worst....I had a crafty old vet decide to run me in for "speeding" once, and it was open-and-shut for no other reason that I was 19 at the time....despite the fact that I wasn't speeding (that time), despite the fact that the city zoned that part of ritchie hwy at 35mph and put a 45mph SIGN there, which I gave the judge a picture of....

Anyhow...the judge decided to be a dick and slam me with court costs on top of the ticket, even tho it was obviously BS.

Bein that the statue of limitations is up for it - (or I wouldn't admit this) my response was to leave his car on four flats, probably about as expensive as the bogus ticket.

And the cop at the accident in 92 ? the bastard not only moved my moped, rendering any photos taken AFTER that worthless, he also took the drivers bogus story at face value, and placed my 'ped as coming down a different street....yeah, suuure - in order to have come that way, I woulda had to blow through a red light, that had BEEN red a while, and then cross FIVE lanes of heavy traffic prior to impact - not to mention me and the ped woulda landed somewhere else - guess elementary physics was a bit too much for him.

In addition, he managed to screw me on the salvage too, instead of the service station less than five miles away, he calls in his buddies, who haul it THIRTY miles away, damage it worse in the process, and charge extortionist rates, which he no doubt gets his cut of.

And not that this directly relates, but where are the cops when pissed-off ex's are gunning down women with the useless restraining order still in their hand.....yet dare they shoot the bastard, and off to the slam they go ?


To me the cops are just one more street gang I have to deal with, "colors", "code of silence" and all - and as a society we let these terrorists lord over us on the mistaken belief that words on paper will prevent criminals from doing harm unto us ? I find that dubious, if not insane.

The only real defense against such a thing is to not ALLOW yourself to be a victim, and if the law stands in the way of defending your life, your family or your property, then the law is wrong, and does naught more than aid and abet the criminal who victimizes you.

Individually, I can like or dislike a cop, they're people too, sure - but as a force, and as a social element, I despise them almost as much as the bastards who steal and vandalise mopeds just for kicks...especially since that's what side of the matter they took, every single time.

When some punk tries to wreck/steal my only set of wheels, and I put a stop to it, and the cops ignore his crime in favor of trying to prosecute ME for assault - it shows me quite cleary which side they are on.

And it ain't mine.


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