what type of paint would you use if you wanted to repaint the frame/plastic sides/ feders of a moped.. specifically yamaha qt50?


Re: repaint

I got lazy and cheap, i used spray paint with a gloss coat. I did about 6 coats. the only problem is that an gas that touched the paint takes it off alittle.

just a side note that my ped looked like crap when i bought it, and was previously sprayed.

but anywho it looks nice and it's easy to touch it up whenever yas want

Re: repaint

InfectedBootSector /

A good alternative is to tear the bike down and have the frame powdercoated. Its fairly cheap, shiny, and lasts forever....

Re: repaint

What kind of place does powdercoating? I just don't know.

Re: repaint

SteelToad /

You might want to try the DupliColor Mirage (color changing paint)

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