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Comprehensive moped manual from New Jersey DOT:

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Chris Robertson /

"Enough braking power to make the wheels skid on dry, clean, level pavement."

I wish! Of my five mopeds only one of them has enough braking power to lock one of the wheels.


Re: moped riding tips

Hey,Chris! I thought they encouraged anti-lock braking. I am totally in compliance with that already! (:^)

Brakes locking rear wheel.

I like doing skids..... spinning/sliding the back end to the side in some loose sand.... yeah, my rear wheel will skid pretty easily.

The front wheel I made sure won't "lock" under normal road conditions.

Anyone else? Comments about :

"Do your rear brakes lock up or not...?"

Re: Brakes locking rear wheel.

My rear brakes lock up really good, i love doing skids from 25mph and when the roads are all wet, i do like 180's lol,

Re: Brakes locking rear wheel.

chuck russo va /

both my breaks work great i can skid the back tire and do nose wheelies with the front tire

Re: Brakes locking rear wheel.

my rear brake on the tomos doesn't stop very good but thereis plenty of pad left. What can i do to increase stopping power?

Re: Brakes locking rear wheel.

my back brake bearly stops me

Hey Nick

Hey Nick,

can you really lock up your back wheel on your VA? If you can do that then my back brake must be completly gone.

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