Advice on Picking a Scooter

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I've currently got a '92 Yamaha Jog, which I really like a lot. However, I'm looking into selling it because I want something a bit more powerful and stable. I like riding through winding country roads and the Yamaha is too unstable on northeastern Pennsylvania pothole-laden roads.

Anyway, I was checking out a couple of Aprilia models... the Scarabeo 50's and 150's. They both appear to be fine machines. I was wondering if anyone has any experience with either of these models. I'm looking for info on max speed, reliability, stability and maintenance.

The 50cc model is the perfect size for me and I like the large wheels. And it appears easy for me to handle and store. Plus, I can carry a passenger (although my wife sat on it and it seemed too cramped. My local dealer has a new 2001 leftover for $2199 (dealer prep and all included). Not too bad, I guess.

The 150cc model would be ideal. Big, powerful, and extremely comfortable for 2 riders. However, I had a hell of a time getting it back up on it's stand (I heard this was a common problem) and it's gonna be tough getting it in and out of my yard and basement. It is also a 2001 leftover and dealer wants $4099 for it (dealer prep and all included).

What to do, what to do?

Great forum here! And thanks for any help.

-Tom in PA

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hi tom,we will probabley get yelled at for talking the scooter crap on here but here goes, i'd go with the aprilia sr50 i think the model is. very fast , reliable, handles the bumps and stuff real well, built extremly well. i took it for a test drive. i just got a 1999 italjet formula 50. very nice.this would be my advice for you to get. i dont know about p.a. but in n.y. you need a m.c license for over 50cc. email me if you want talk more about it.

Better acrobatics with `snails'!

Tom! It's your little snailish wheels that are the problem on the potholes! Get rid of the snails right now, and obtain a big moped with 16" or 17" wheels. Besides, 125 mpg beats most snails and the 17" wheels make sure you don't learn what your `ped looks like UPSIDE-DOWN, going underneath you right before you find out what the mangled little front wheel will do to your body as you bounce over and over to a stop. Been there,.....DONE that! (:^)

Re: Advice on Picking a Scooter

Well, you'll find some anti-scooterists on this forum but I think there are enough closet scooterists here to be able to ask a minimum of questions :)

I heard that the Aprilla 150 is a big bike... you might want to look at a Kymco People 150 which is supposed to be alot smaller bike but just as fast...

If someone has small-wheel phobia then the Aprillas you mentioned and some other scooters have large motorcycle type wheels ..... I'm sure my Avanti moped's tires make Don's tires look skinny and anemic but I won't tease him about that, ha.

The nice thing about the 50cc scooters over mopeds is that you can get a cylinder kit upgrade if you want more speed and the braking system on the scooter is much more robust and able to handle the higher speeds then flimsy moped brakes.... so I think the scooters are a bit safer then mopeds when speed upgrades are done.

I've got a 65cc kit in my Avanti moped now and am just praying that the brakes hold up !

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I think most moped riders, who get speed kits, don't use them for speed really, but for power on hills. That is my reason for buying a kit for my grande. I want to be able to keep up with the 30mph speed limit when I am cruising up a steep hill, with cars behind me. If I didn't live in the city, I probably would just stick to 50cc. I do have a puch which will remain 50cc. So, don't think that I am a sell out. :)

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Agreed--- I want to put the kit AND a power sprocket on-- so my max speed is very low, but I get to hit max speed in a few seconds---

0-40 in 3 sec... that would be cool.

plus the wheelies and smoke shows. When the remix of Speed Racer comes on--- I'll be showing off for sure---

"....Was that a moped?....."

".....I don't know, but it had loud music and did a wheelie as it went by....!"

when I get new tires, I'll have to remove the old one I have by "melting it off...."

Oh, yeah. Warm weather on the way.


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Thanks for all the great feedback! I know this is mainly a moped forum, but I always like to check out the posts here. Who knows... a moped may be next for me :)


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lol i have some advice for pickin a slug i mean scooter.....DONT!!!!! get a moped....ride proud


Re: Advice on Picking a Scooter

Im in Ne Pa!! Where are you at?? Im right outside of Pittston

Re: Advice on Picking a Scooter

TomMonger /

Scrantoooon here!

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Also consider the Bajaj if you're interested in speed. I don't know what that Aprilia's capable of, but the Bajaj is around $2100 out the door (even shipped), and it's got 4 speeds... way faster than a 50cc vespa or vino or metropolitan.


Have fun.

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david f martin /

I love the way the Aprilias look. I'm sure they're very well built, too. I don't know much about Italian scooters, except they've been making them a long time.

I do know that there are a lot of aftermarket parts for Japanese scooters, and they're pretty fast right out of the box.


'87 Honda Elite 50S

Re: Advice on Picking a Scooter

Tom thats awesome you live in scranton!!! I ride a yellow Motobecane moped. If you ever see me around stop me an say hello. I was starting to think I was the only one around here that didnt need 1200cc.

Re: Matt

TomMonger /

Good to "meet" you Matt! I'll keep my eye out for ya!


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