Weather Service cancels two seasons

The National Weather service has announced they are altering the traditional 'naming' of seasons.

The following are the "New" names.

Summer - This will remain the same... it will be the warmest 10 weeks including July and August.

Since the other 40 weeks of the year now have the same temperatures during their entirety.. (i.e. - the weather in January is now the same as in October and in April)... daytime highs of 45 to 52 degrees.... nightime lows of 35 to 45... they will now be referred to by one name...

This new season will be called ... Fal-Ter-Ing.

It's never real cold.

Its never real warm.

It's never real sunny.

Its mostly cloudy and ... blah... (for 40 some freakin weeks)

We live in eternal Fall now... (at least in the Great Lakes region thats what its been like)

rant over

Poor Illinois and Minnesota too!

That's pretty good,Fred, and UNFORTUNATELY, true. I feel your pain,Bro! Think about the poor Illinois and Minnesota people too......their weather has resembled Monsoons in India and Siberian averages for the last few weeks. Yuch!

Re: But today

Here in Sunny Southern California, I took both my running mopeds out for a ride today in 80+ degreee heat.

Took the Grande up to Pasadena and saw Amelie again at the matinee showing. At 6:55 PM PDST, it's still got to be in the mid 70's.

I might take the Solex out just for the heck of it before it gets dark.



Yes,Jim! Our weather was great too! But I hadda mow my 2 lawns which were pretty overgrown this afternoon. Glad you're out there watchin' the white lines go by.Sounds like a real enjoyable day,Jim. I get 4 days off starting in 9 hrs. so LOOK OUT !! YEEEEiPPEEE!!!! (:^O

Re: Ditto,Jim!

InfectedBootSector /

We get the WORST of each season here in MD. HOT as hell in the summer, really, really cold and lots of snow in Winter

Come on over,Infected!

Move over here to Southern Ohio, Infected! Same weather basically but someone to commiserate about it and ride with!..... Me! (:^)

Re: Ditto,Jim!

geez Don... how much better can your weather be than mine ?

(your only what?... 200 miles South of me?.

(I am not in Flint... that was where Ree used to live.)

I live bout halfway between Detroit and Flint.

70 miles North of the Ohio border and Toledo.

We were about 52 gray degrees today.

It's those Lakes,Fred!

I'll tell you,Fred! It's different as night and day! It's those Lakes! We are shielded here by many hills and even Columbus doesn't get the great weather we do sometimes.That's only 80 miles or so North. Sorry for your lousy weather. I know what a bummer THAT is. But we have had some rain here lately. I watch the weather REALLY closely before I take off(If the clouds are . I don't pay much attention to the large regional forecast, but I'm pretty good at tracking radar since I hadda' do it every day for my bread and butter when I poured concrete every day. I only had to tear out 2 jobs that I can remember because of missed forecasting. `Economic' pressure will beat `barometric' pressure almost every time.Ha!

Re: Poor Illinois and Minnesota too!

Im in Minnesota and for the past 2 weeks it has been cold, rainy and shitty.

As a comparison at the moment,Fred....

Your at around 54 degrees according to my map,and we are at 74 degrees. See what I mean? And Paul....all I can say is I hope it fairs up for ya'! (:^(

Re: As a comparison at the moment,Fred....

Yeah... you're more like 300 miles South of me...

Our weather isn't normally that different... but the Jetstream has parked itself between you and us and so we are getting the cool side.

Maybe its my imagination... but it seems like the weather is a lot diff from when I was a kid.

The Great Lakes make us a bit more 'stable'... a bit cooler than we would be in Summer... and a bit warmer than we would be in winter.

Then locally.. I live right between 2 lakes... so right now we are a bit cooler than the reported temp.

Oh well... soon enough and I be bitching its too HOT... lol

Weather IS Changing

I live in portland Maine.

Anyone over 65 remembers that the Harbor (salt water) would freeze, and you could walk the 3 or 4 miles to the local islande. As kids they often did it for fun--- kind of a day trip.

Ask someone near 80, and they'll tell you that it wasn't just every FEW years that the harbor froze up, but EVERY year it would freeze up by January.

I cannot, once, in my 30 years alive, remember Portland Harbor freezing, let alone enough to walk out to the islands.

What I find really strange, is that the temperature on Mars is also currently increasing. I think we should ban CFC's to protect the martian atmosphere. Oh, wait, that doesn't make any sense.

Could it be that whatever is heating up mars is also heating up Earth?

When the planet goes into an "Ice Age" for unexplained reasons, wouldn't the temperature start to increase as soon as the ice age ended? We just exited what they call "a mini Ice Age" a few thousand years ago--- so, predictably, the weather is getting warmer. (still doesn't explain the Mars problem though)

Yes--- the weather has been very funny lately. Getting Hotter Just ask the martians.

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