Dual exhaust?

My friend came up with this random idea of taking one of exhaust pipes and wielding it on to the other one, to make a dual exhaust type thing. I was just wondering if anyone has ever tried this. I'm not sure exactly how i would get it to or where to wield in into. well anyways have a nice day

Re: Dual exhaust?

chuck russo va /

it pobibly is possible but i dont think the motor would ahve enough back pressure to run real good

Re: Dual exhaust?

That is the fun of making "Rat Bikes" you can do anything you want-- just for fun.

As long is it runs, and is semi-legal--- Once I have enough GOOD mopeds, I'm gonna build me a nasty little rat. Use raw hardware and BMX parts--

Ree had a "rat" bike that was such a monster, it actually was termed the "Frankenbike"

Nifty idea, not for your good moped--- if you've got access to a shop and a moped you don't care about weld one up---!

Re: Dual exhaust?

I Bet you can add like 50hp with those, just get a car and do shit like that, I cant wait till i have my mustang 5.0 bye bye moped

Re: Dual exhaust?

I might try it later if some how i get another pipe so have atleat one good one. do you know if it would improve it's preformance or not?

Re: Dual exhaust?

It will NOT improve performance over any halfway decent 'tuned' pipe.

(or even a stock Tomos pipe for that matter).

if you want a performance pipe.... BUY a 'tuned' performance pipe... or duplicate another performance pipe out of your own sheet metal.

Re: Dual exhaust?

My batavus can eat mustangs for breakfast!

Re: Dual exhaust?

lol I'll race you :)

Re: Dual exhaust?

It wouldn't at all.

It's 2 stroke i assume? for 2 stroke you'll need a pressure wave to come back through the exhaust pipe to the exhaust port. So it pushes back all the mixture you have been putting in too much before the piston closes the exhaust port. This is cone by the converging end. Any disturbance in the line will increase flow rate. Though it may seem cool it's best to toy with your exhaust behind the converging part.


Re: Dual exhaust?

Sure I'll race your mustang, check out my ride!!!!

see atach


Re: Dual exhaust?

sweet is that really your car? what kind of engine do you have in that/ mods?

Re: Dual exhaust?

Sprint Man /

I've seen dual exhaust, but it wasn't homemade. It was a red Targa Lx and there was a 2nd red "Twin-turbo exhaust" mounted on the left side as well as the right side.

Re: Dual exhaust?

InfectedBootSector /

Just put some V-Tec stickers on it and weld a Folgers can to the end of a biturbo. Seems to work for the Honda guys....


Re: Dual exhaust?

HUUUUUMMMMM... anyone know where i can get one? heh

Re: Dual exhaust?


I was just shittng you man. That car is a 69 Buick, probable with a 455Ci engine under the hood. That's not my car. But i do have a 67 buick waiting for me to dump money into it.

Paul L

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