hi all, can someone explain to me why my brake light stays on all the time? i'm guessing its a short somewhere. anyone have any ideas? thanks ahead of time..............

Re: Clean up time

Dirty contacts or connections at the switches.

Most moped stop lights are on when the circuit is OPEN as aoposed to regular practice of the circuit being closed to light a lamp.


Re: ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!

Your profile doesn't list what type of mopeds you have, but if it's a Motobecane then the problem might be that the little lever that pushes in the brake indicator is bent.

That's how mine was - so the brake light wouldn't go off until I bent it back.

Just a thought.


Re: ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!

I had the same problem with my Garelli and after looking at my wiring and contacts for far too long I discovered that my brake cable was gummed up and wasn't allowing the brake lever to return completely, thus keeping the light on. DOH!

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