broke my tank braket

chuck russo va /

broke my tank mounting braket today on my 96 tomos toptank.

i was taking the gas tank off so i could clean it out real good and clean the petcock ect.... and the lil braket just snapped i didnt put weight on it or anything i ahve no clue on how it broke. so i hat my neighbor use his dads mig welder and we set it on the lowest setting and we welded the braket back on and joe welded it on and its a nasty looking weld i think joe thinks more stuff on it the better but im pretty sure thats no right

but the rewelded bracket is holding up good

do these brakets break alot? the metal looks cheesy and what other parts break like that break often?

Re: broke my tank braket

Hi Chuck, Ive saw a lot of them broke that come thru my shop, and welded them, normaly they break tring to doubly someone. With the mig, it works fine, but you should have turned the heat up and wire speed down, takes some pratice. Doug D.

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