silly thought of the day

hmm.. I wonder why Peugeots didn't come with specialty side bags that where long and skinny...

you know like French Bread bags...

Re: silly thought of the day

Sacre Bleu ,Duck! They did that to the gas tank. What more do you want?

Re: silly thought of the day

I hadda steal this joke to cheer you up,Duck. Igot it from the joke section of Here goes: An old man was walking down the street when he saw a small boy sitting on the curb crying.

He stopped and asked, "Little boy, why are you crying?"

The little boy lifted his tear-stained face to the man and mumbled, "I'm

crying because I can't do what the big boys do."

So the old man sat beside him and cried, too! LOL!!

Re: silly thought of the day

They had optional PVC pipe things available for them..that way you could either carry your french bread or your fishing pole...

I think they had a secretly hidden wine flask for them too :)

Re: silly thought of the day

Dang... now I know why they put a big old seat on those peugeots....

they must have predicted a second rider.... with storage for Wine they must have figured there would be some French Kissing as well.

Damn those guys witht he little artist hats and pencil thin mustaches have it going on.. they get cool mopeds with additional chick room.... A wine Carrier... French Bread Holders..... some French Fries and Even Kisses!


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