batavus help needed!!

i have a batavus with no spark! it ran a few months ago, according to a friend of mine. I dont think its the points, timing, or generator. what could it be? Should there be an ignition switch on this the handle bars, cause there isnt one!

RE: batavus help needed!!

there should be, see if the wires that led to it aren't grounding out somewhere.

did you try a new spark plug?


RE: batavus help needed!!

Check the bobine and the sparkplugkabel.

language problem

Hey Ivo.... what else might a "bobine" be called?.... because that is one I've never heard of... what does it do?

RE: language problem

bobine is another word for an ignition coil (i think). I think its a really old term for a coil (bobbin --> bobine...coils are spun around bobbins..)

RE: language problem

its nothing to do with the coil or points. The bike was running not 6 months ago. I think there is a loose connection or something on the body of the bike.

Not necessarily

Just because it was running 6 months ago doesn't mean it's not the points

It could be a fouled spark plug

It could be a clogged carb jet

It could be dirty points.

First you need to check for spark at the plug

Then you need to check that gas is getting to the carb

I wrote all this info in depth 2 months ago but I'm not writing it again till I figure how to cut and paste with this damn new computer!

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