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Just really want to know how anyone out there would rate a Garelli moped, including ease of finding parts... I know the moped junkyard which s near me carries some but not all the parts for it.

Reason I'm asking is because I have a chance to lay my hands on one, (year unknown as of yet) with less than one hundred miles and looking like new for $325.

I myself think just from the description of the bike, the mileage, and the price all add up to a great buy, but I'd like some more info on it first if I could.



RE: Garelli info needed...


I own a 1984 Garelli super sport XL. I have owned it for 2 years and i never had anything go wrong on it. I dunno where you would go for parts? if you need them. I think that garelli's are good mopeds i got mine for around that price but with higher miles. good luck!


RE: Garelli info needed...

sounds like areally sweet deal. with that low of miles, all you should have to do is clean the carb, drain the tank, replace the oil in the case, and replace the sparkplug. if you need parts for it go to <a href=">handybikes</a>; i fully restored a supersport with help from them.


RE: Garelli info needed...

<a href=">handybikes</a>;

sorry about that.


RE: Garelli info needed...

I read your email re: psychowulf's (no relation that I know of), request for info on a Garelli moped. Your email was cut off. If you know where I can obtain info/parts please email me.

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