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Ok i know how first off this has been talked about alot but ive also read that some of the stuff people say is bullshit which is understandabel but im considering jetting my 1980 sachs commuter with the bing carb now im not even sure where to strat on this and how much would i have to spend and is it a big pain in the ass to do?

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Shouldn't be,Andrew. You take off your carb or just remove the float bowl and see what number jet is in there, and just get a jet a coupla' numbers higher or maybe a total of 5 digits higher. You then can do some plug chops and adjust your air breather accordingly. I have drilled 2 or 3 holes in plastic air boxes after upjetting and did gain some power. ......Ike has a number of jets of different sizes for Bing carbs. The info. I just gave you is generic for main jets and not specific to Bing carbs.

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Air breather??? is that the same as the air filter and where can i get a new jet and what does it look like (im clueless on carbs)

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Well, Andrew, the main jet is small and look like a VERY short screw with a tiny hole thru the center.Usually brass. CALL Ike Fist at Ike's Bikes. Here's his phone number: 1-937-446-2115 Yes,the airbox is the covering over the carb. Usually a plastic box with a slot or holes to let air in to the carb. You really oughtta' wait until a person more familiar with your bike and carb. assists you. I was operating on the assumption that you were more mechanically familiar with your bike. You can mess up bad if you don't know what parts you're looking for.

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hey andrew, listen to don. he knows. bing carb is very easy to work on. go two or three jet sizes bigger then what you have. jet is located under carb bowl. unscrew bottom bowel to locate, and see what size you have know. just go up two or three from there. wait for the experts on this subject to answer though. good luck.

Here's where to get them....

Following up on jet availability, you can bid on Bing carb jets from 48mm to 70mm sizes on E-bay for very cheap right now! This is one of Ike's auctions.

Re: Here's where to get them....

I am going to need a link or something don because i cant find it

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