grande has beaten me.

ok- thanks again to everyone for their help pertaining to everything else i have been asking about and now i am really stumped.

here's everything i have done.

1. flushed the tank....gas runs free into the carb.

2. took the carb apart and cleaned it replaced it.

3. replaced the spark plug and there is a spark.

4. the brake light works...sometimes?!?! like it will come on then die...then come on......would this be the problem.

5. i tried taking off the muffler for a start like someone suggested (jim) and still no go.

the only thing that i can think would be the timing?????

please help! i am dying here!

Re: Damn stoplight!

If the stop light is not functioning properly, it WILL affect the ignition system.

I had a Grande here that would stall now and then when the brake was applied. The tail light was dim, but worked.

When the RPMS went to idle and the brake was applied the engine would die, yet it would not stall if the brake was applied at speed.

A bad ground was causing the stop light to go out at idle, killing the motor. Cleaned the connections, particularly the black wire going to the stud under the fender behind the tail light. That fixed it.


Re: Damn stoplight!


thanks alot...i actually think that is part of it.......i went through everything again and it sounded like it wanted to i tried the muffler again.....i'll be damned if you were right the first time.........i threw that sucker on the grill and let it cook for a little bit......ahah but put it back on it runs for sure....but like what you are talking about right now...the light only woorks if i pull the brake for just a second, then let will go for a sec...then turn off think i need to ground it somewhere else or????? plus it is dying as soon as it idles as back to the question above?? thanks for your help!

Re: Damn stoplight!

Also you could check the connections on the brake levers. That is how the brake light gets turned on. The flickery light on my puch was a bd connection at the switch.

Re: Damn stoplight!

InfectedBootSector /

A real quick way to fix a clogged exhaust....


Pull the exhaust off.... take some foil or an old rag and clog up the small end of it ( where is meets the jug )......

Take a little gas and pour it in the open end... shake it up...lay it on the ground and pour out any extra gas... you should have a good bit of fumes... take the clog out of the small end

Light her up from the small end... this will make all the carbon and gunk flake off the exhaust.. just blow it out and keep doing the same thing till its clean...

I've had lots of luck with steam cleaning to......

Re: Damn stoplight!


The area where that stud attaches to the fender should be rust free. Also the mounting bolts from the fender to the frame should be likewise.

After cleaning them sray them with WD-40 to keep them from corroding again.

This is an easy fix and should be done to any Grande anyone runs across as it will cause problems that could be atributed to lots of other things.

As far as dying out at idle, try turning up the idle speed slightly. It's the screw stick out on the right side of the carb with the spring under it. There is no mixture adjustment on these carburetors.


Re: Damn stoplight! revisited

Forgot another gem in the tail light saga.

The bulb should be a 6 volt, #1154, and not the common 12 volt #1157 that fits, but is the wrong one.


Re: Damn stoplight!

What exactly are you talking about Jim? "where the stud attaches to the fender".

Re: Damn stoplight!

Dies at idle. Did you clean the idle jet?

Re: Damn stoplight!


One of the mounting bolts of the tail light bracket has the black wire attached to it under the fender, right where water will splash on it.

That's the trouble maker.


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