HELP, on sachs

hi,i have a sachs model 505 i bought at a yard sale.the problem is when i pedel it the motor won't ingage.thanks

Re: HELP, on sachs


first If you can read, look at Fred's guide in the resources section.

To engage the engine there is a lever on the handle bars that you pull to activate the starting clutch. You also need to make sure that the switch is on run, that your tank has 50:1 gas in it, and your petcock is on.

What year and model is the moped, and just out of curiosity, where are you located?

505 means that the pedals are attached to the engine, on a 1 chain set up. the 504 is a 2 chain set up.


PS use the spell checker.

Re: HELP, on sachs

use the decompression lever under the left brake lever. Just hold it down nd pedal. That will work.

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