I Want to know how the air-box helps on a Tomos

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I took the air-box of my Tomos Sprint. It lost alot of acceleration, but has better top-end. Now I know it gives it better speed, but if I keep it of, will it mess up th bike? It's also more difficult to start up then it was before.

Re: I Want to know how the air-box helps on a Tomo

I have a TOMOS (A35) too, and I was just wondering if you could tell me how to get to the air-box. I'm new thing and appretiate the help.

Have yourself a good one.

Re: I Want to know how the air-box helps on a Tomo

The airbox restricts airflow to your carb, as well as hold the air filter, so that shit doesn't get in your carb and clog it up. I usually deresrict mine somehow, and put in a larger jet, to get the full potential out of my 50cc bikes.

Re: I Want to know how the air-box helps on a Tomo

Ron Brown /


You forgot to tell them that if they remove the airbox and do nothing else, their engine will sieze from too lean a mxture.

Sprint Man, if it is not too late, put the air box back on, or don't ride it until you get some bigger main jets to try.

Dee Fred's guide or search for plug chop. When you get the correct main jet, you will get the low end back and have more speed.


Sprint Man read this

I was just replying to seth...oops. Yeah Sprint Man, Put your air-box back on. The restriction in a stock airbox, is matched up with your jet size to get the right mix. If you leave it off,your not getting enough gas to go along with all that extra air that you are getting into the engine. It may seem more powerful now, but it will eventually seize your engine. If you get a bigger jet, and get your chops looking nice and golden brown, you will be pleasantly surprised, how much more low end and top end that you will get!


Re: o.k, I've decided

Sprint Man /

Aight, I've decided to put the air-box back on. I didn't get the larger jet yet, but I'll get it soon. I'm thinken about makin a plug chop, just as soon as I find out that it's safe, and it produces more speed. Thanks peoples

Re: o.k, I've decided

A plug chop isn't a mod dude. It is what you do to test your spark plug, to make sure it is running okay. :) Ask Ree, he is the Tomos expert, but you will probably end up drilling some holes in your airbox and getting a bigger jet for the carb. You have to have the airbox on because it hold the air filter element. Without it, your carb would be clogged up within a day or so.

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