grande just almost turns over

ok- thanks to you guys with the help about the fuel petcock. i thought that was the problem, but it seemed to be just one small one. here's what's new.....ok so when i try starting it up...the engine sputters like it is about to catch and turn over but it maybe just pops every few seconds

( like this.>..mmmmmcuhmmmmmcuhmmmmmcuh)

i took out the plug and there was gas fuel is coming through i think.......anyone???? please!

Re: grande just almost turns over

chuck russo va /

do you have spark?

Re: grande just almost turns over


yeah there is a spark. i really am at a loss here.....the only thing i can really think is something wrong in the carb??

Re: grande just almost turns over

chris rice /

have you tried using the choke to start?

Re: grande just almost turns over

yes i have tried the choke on, choke off......i mean i just bought it so who knows how long it has been sitting since the last time it ran.......the spark is good....gas flow is good....would the points on the ignition be something? this is my first bike and i really have a small small understanding of these wonderful machines......i guess i should try to get into the carb but i am afraid to fuck something up? anyone have any leads? thanks for all your help so far you guys....

Re: grande just almost turns over

Is the fuel new or old? Old gas doesn't work very good. Make sure the gas is fresh premix.

If you haven't taken the carb apart and cleaned everything, you should do that. Don't be intimidated by the intricacies of the carburator, just take it apart (take the top plate and the fuel bowl (bottom half) off, remove the jet, clean the jet and every orifice in the carb body, put it back together the way it came apart.) If you've got spark and compression, it's probably the carb. 99 percent of the engine problems I have with mopeds are dirty carbs.

Re: grande just almost turns over

cool......thanks i guess i will jump into that tomorrow.....greatly appreciated!

Re: grande just almost turns over

Re: Check the muffler

The last Grande my friend got wouldn't start for anything. I never got to look at it before, but someone told them to take off the muffler and try to start it.

Fired right up! The muffler was so carbonned up there was virtuall no flow through it.

If you try this, just do it long enough to verify the engine starts. Any longer and you could seize it from the exhaust port overheating.


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