motobecane clutch removal??

I have a 1968 50s moped and am trying to figure out how to pull the clutch/variable pulley off. Can you help?!

Thanks, Roger

Re: motobecane clutch removal??

Ron Brown /


You need a puller which has an external thread that fits into the pulley and a bolt through the middle that presses on the crankshaft and pulls the clutch. Take off the center grease nipple first.

I do not have one of these pullers. I would sugest you contact the most likely moped parts suppliers and ask them if one is available.

If you do find a source, please post it.


Re: motobecane clutch removal??

John Custodio /

Roger. Check Steves mopeds in Dumont N.J .I bought one from them two years ago, they may have more,good luck.John 201-384-7777

Re: motobecane clutch removal??

Special tools are the sort of things that makes me really wish there was a moped shop in town. I'd love to pay a little bit to borrow the special tool I needed, do my repair, and be on the road.

That's how it used to be with Vornkamp bike here in Kalamazoo. He was awesome about letting us use his tools and learning how to do it ourselves, rather than just paying him to do it.

Of course that mentality might of been some of the downfall of the business, but it sure puts Homer (the owner) in a high place in my mind.


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