RACEWARS? any 1?

holla its me again i was just wondering if there are any groups out there like me and my friends of 18+ mopeds have racewars? its preety hot 2 or 4 or 7 or 10 of us will race its not like we bet money its just fun to do and we do it alot PmPCrew is pro. the best and the fastest mopeds around we got mopeds in PmPCrew goin 65 and an easy 50 just stitting up! You should try it sum time u bend over u get 3 more mph we race on a long road pro. 1/4 mile long its hot, just the other day me and my frined had a race and he beat me no more than a half a foot i just thought u would like to know, so u should seriously do it some time. peace


(Real HELLZ AnGels)

Re: RACEWARS? any 1?

Are you retarded? seriously, what the hell is wrong with you?

Re: RACEWARS? any 1?


Re: RACEWARS? any 1?

chuck russo /

dennis your gay

Re: It's TRUE!

My twin turbo NOS injected reverse osmosis fuel cell powered Flandria was clocked 204.83 on full synthetic Amsoil 200:1 before it flew apart from the strain.

There are no pieces left and nobody got a picture, but it really did happen...


Re: It's TRUE!

Ha Jim! I beat you by 10.7mph on my dual 30cf nos tanks with 60cc shots, fit a Diablo engine under the one-gallon Top Tank on my tomos, When my parachute deployed it shredded because I was going to fast, so I hit the brakes, but the disks turned red hot and fell off, it took me 13 miles to finally roll to a stop.

Re: It's TRUE!

You had me goin',George,`til you lied about the top-tank only holdin' a gallon. Everyone knows they hold more than that! LOL!! AND JIM C!..............Everyone knows that engine woulda' held together at the Amsoil recommended 300:1 ratio. Why you runnin so rich? HaHaHaHaHaaaa! (:^)

Re: RACEWARS? any 1?

Sprint Man /

We race around my way 2. We have major races during spring break and summer.I have 12+ friends with mopeds. We race on 2/4 mile tracks, sometimes even 3/4 mile tracks. I'm doin some upgrades 2 my ped, so I should be able tah punish them (hopefully).

Ultimate Race War

Race Bannon vs. Race(r) X

1st Prize: Trixie.

Re: It's TRUE!

InfectedBootSector /

Oh man, I just busted a gut.... lol

Re: Ultimate Race War

InfectedBootSector /

Fuckin eh....

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