NOS!!!!!!!!!!!! for mopes is possible!!

in a little town of pequannock everyone is now getting mopeds and this kid gets an old moped of this kid jenious, he soon finds out that this moped has NOsS on it and it has a NOS button!. this MOPED CLOCKED OUT AT 65 GOING THRU OUR TOWN!

the NOS goes into, the carb, and its a 3 ounce bottle, to fill it up cost like 25 dollers.

well if u dont belive it come and see!

PmPCrew2002 (REAL Hellz Angels)

Re: NOS!!!!!!!!!!!! for mopes is possible!!

chuck russo /

25 dollars to fill up a 3 ounce bottle of nos? thats a rip off and im pretty sure u pulled that on out of your ass.

my father owns a mustang speed shop and when i work there i have to fill NOS tanks all the time and it cost $3.50/ lb and the tanks they use in there cars are 10lb tanks

Re: NOS!!!!!!!!!!!! for mopes is possible!!

chuck russo /

it is possible for mopeds to have nos but it needs to be a wet set up but a moped motor isnt made to take that kinda wear and tear so it will blow up real quick

Re: NOS!!!!!!!!!!!! for mopes is possible!!

GO! Chuck!!!!!!! Doug D

Re: NOS!!!!!!!!!!!! for mopes is possible!!

yeah, what he said!!!!!!!!!! lol

Need my hip boots


it's getting so thick, I need hip boots and a fly swatter.

Dennis, unless you post a photo of this "NOS" moped, you're going to get a lot of people (like myself) who know you are totally full of crap.

And, you WON'T post a photo, for whatever excuse, because there is no moped in your area with a NOS kit.

How was it 'clocked'..... by a cop? Oh, you probably have a radar gun too.

No, wait, the speedometer on the NOS ped goes up to 100 MPH.....

I notice you didn't mention the kind of moped it was---that is my final point, leading to one conclusion:

You are lying.

Please keep posting about your "NOS Super-Ped"--- us regulars need jokers like you to slam around for cheap laughs and free kicks.

haha NOS 4 mopeds

Dave Gregory / guys that could be true....but....has anyone that rides that "super-nos-ped" heard of a govenor?????? any moped would blow up at that....and with a full tank of gas and a lol "3 oz. bottle of nos" it would leave a scratch. lol at least someone doesnt know what there talking about (dennis) but hey....if you do put up a "picture" of this "super-nos-ped" then "we" will believe "you" thats alotta "s


Re: NOS!!!!!!!!!!!! for mopes is possible!!

zex nitrious can cost about 30 bucks to fill and it is 12 pounds

Re: NOS/Oxy/Hydrogen

I wonder, if a simple cannister of NOS pumped into the airbox would be enough to make a difference--- They sell it at the place down the street--- not automotive grade, but medical grade--- it comes in a tank just like helium or oxygen---

Wouldn't pumping pure oxygen into your airbox have a similar effect?

NOS is a catalyst that helps oxy burn faster, but OXY is just as important to the engine/carb---

No button, just turn the knob on the tank a little-- Or, maybe pump some hydrogen into your airbox-- that sounds kind of crazy though.

Hooking an automotive style "push button" NOS might be harder, even impossible--- there must be something you could do--- we all agree it wouldn't be good for the moped....but it could be done...somehow....

OR--- make a 'fake' NOS kit--- just for "show" nice shiny can of "NOS" with some hoses that don't lead anywhere..... Just to 'psyche' 'em out.

NOS on mopeds is stupid!.... Stop it!

Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeze !

Just stop with the NOS bullshit !

Stop it !!!!

It is NOT practical for mopeds for several reasons that have already been mentioned here MANY TIMES BEFORE.

Mopeds in the US are restricted to 2HP by the government.

50cc with no restrictions are easily capable of putting out a pleasant 5 or 6 or 7HP very reliably..... and if you are a serious racer type.... you can get 10 or 12HP out of 50cc without much trouble...

(thats 5 times as much HP as a stock ped!)

thats without all the extra complications and nonsense of NOS ... (with a moped electrical system that is NOT capable of supporting the system).

Just STOP IT !


Re: NOS on mopeds is stupid!.... Stop it!

Jamie Leonard /

Well might they be adding it with a hose going to the DRIVER? It would explain a few things!

Re: NOS on mopeds is stupid!.... Stop it!

Fred! Don't you like to hear the jingle of bearings tinkling down the highway and see the red-yellow flash of a 2-stroke ending it's earthly course! I'm surprised at you! HaHaHaHaHaaaa!

Re: NOS on mopeds is stupid!.... Stop it!

david f martin /

Yeah! You don't really go faster, it just seems like it!


NOS is stupid (but..what about....)

How about a 2nd small engine that powered a fan like on the airboats---- all rear mounted....

or some kind of mini-RAM or SCRAM jet--- for off road use only

I've seen some plans for very basic pulse, ram and scram jets.... I bet I could do it---

Has anyone seen WWW.SRL.ORG

they build some crazy stuff--- wow, indeed.

I already told you how to make a 180mph ped

I wish you would pay more attention Wayne.

You go down to Home Depot and buy one of those leaf blowers with the high speed 2 stroke motors on it and the high efficiency ducted blower that blows an air stream out at 180mph.... then you simply duct tape it on the back rack.

Very simple... and cost effective too.

Have I told you about the egg in the oil tank ??... thats worth 40 mph if you buy 2 week old eggs.

Then theres the mothballs in the gas tank... worth another 20 mph.

You really just have not been paying attention Wayne.... you add that all up and you are doing ... lessee here... 30 + 180 + 40 + 20 = 270mph.

then of course if you lean over and flap your arms and scream.... "I AM A DOOOOOOOFUSSSSSSS"..... you gain another 30 or so out of sheer absurdity.... ya think ?

Re: I already told you how to make a 180mph ped

Jamie Leonard /

Actually you CAN make a moped go 180 mph.... of course you need a REALLY high cliff first.....

I got some stuff here that'll send it !

We'll fit it with a 235 reactor, and boronated control rods. `Course I can't say which DIRECTION she'll go 180mph, but I WILL guarantee 180- 2000 mph in 0-12 seconds flat! You gotta wear a lead-lined set of body armor and sign a waiver though. Any takers? Ha!

Re: I got some stuff here that'll send it !


In my town everybody like 21+ are taking their peds and installing big block chevys in them. We go down to the abandon airport and race through the night. My speedo said I was going 150mph. It was so dope.

Re: I got some stuff here that'll send it !

Anthony Tod /

Don't want to sound too stupid, but we have been asking around a little about rigging up a really low bleed NOS setup, if it ever comes off I will post something up.

You don't have to dump big pressures of the stuff to make a difference, either something that was constant on at very low pressure, or a short burn for getting out of the chicanes and up to speed, forget top end, acceleration is where it is at, above a certain speed your moped handling is just going to become suicidal.

Can rig a battery for any required electrics though I would not of thought much is required, with a constant on, a manual valve could be used.

6 days to race time and counting...

Oh and played with total loss system, we weren't too impressed with the spark, but we may have it all upsidedown at the moment.

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