Motobecane leaking gasoline

My motobecane is leaking, bad. Does anyone know why, and how I can fix it? I know pretty much nothing about fixing mopeds. Also my headlight does not work. The bulb is fine, the tail light works, just not the headlight. I hate not being able to ride at night.

RE: Motobecane leaking gasoline


Find out where it's leaking:

- The feultap --> replace rubber washer inside the feultap or the entire feultap.

- The feulline --> replace feulline.

- The carburettors feulbowl --> replace bowlgasket

- Out of the carb from every possible opening --> replace floater and feultappet

The lightbulb:

- Check the connection of the wires

- Check the lightbulbfitting

RE: Motobecane leaking gasoline

My motobecane used to leak too. When it was idling, there would be a drip about every 3 seconds. The guy who repaired it said he cleaned the carburettor and replaced the head gasket ( the gasket was in rough shape ) and the problem was fixed. There was no leak and it ran a lot better. I would suggest getting as much info as possible and fixing it yourself because I think I could've done the repairs myself. If you think the fueltap needs to be replaced, there's a guy on ebay selling brand new ones from Italy, just type in "mobylette" under search and you should find it. Hope this helps.

RE: Motobecane leaking gasoline

Shane J. Wolfe /

I would check out the float needle and float. I just repaired my carb by replacing those parts. It was basically leaking like yours, and then I pulled it apart one day, killing the gasket in the process. It sprayed gas out. I replaced the gaskets in the carb, along with the previously mentioned parts, and it works fine. Took all of about 5 minutes on my 78 Puch Maxi.

RE: Motobecane leaking gasoline

i"ve have about 12 of them right now thats a known problem with them to leak after a while, like everyone elses has said, replace the gasket and just turn off the gas when you turn off the engine, if it satill is leaking you have a problem with the petcock,

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