I have a 1978 Solo Odyssey moped, I can not just roll it from the garage outside with out the rear wheel dragging or sliding. Are all mopeds like this? Or is there a way to get it to roll freely? Any help will be appreciated, Jim in NY

Re: Freewheeling?

Ouch--- seized engine, frozen transmission or locked up rear brakes.

Nope it's not normal.

Where did you get it? What is the history on it?

Is there oil in the crankcase? Does it start? (I'm thinking 'no')

Check your brakes--make sure they aren't frozen or over adjusted. then wait for the experts to tell you how to check for transmission or piston failure.


Re: Freewheeling?

Ron Brown /


Wayne's questions are good. Most mopeds do not connect the engine to the rear wheel until you engage a manual clutch or turn things fast enough to engage a centrifugal clutch.

Does the wheel drag going forward or backward? Does the ped operate normally when it is running?


Re: Freewheeling?

david f martin /

I had a Tomos lock up on me one day, in a rather dramatic fashion (rear wheel locked up at 30mph!). I had to pry the master link on the chain and remove it so I could push the bike home...


Frozen brake arm or cable?

Jim,does that have a Franco-Morini or Minarelli engine? I'm guessing it's a Franco-Morini,possibly a 2-speed? Well, you probably have a stuck clutch actuation lever if it's a Minarelli or Franco single speed,or possibly a stuck clutch cable if it's an MO2 2-speed Franco.If it's not misadjusted or stuck, you may have something jammed or rusted in the tranny. But from what you described,couldn't it be a stuck brake cable or brake arm? They're simple engines and trannies, and well-built. When you disassemble the MO2 though,watch out that the washer gets put back where it belongs `cause it always either falls out or sticks to the bearing in the case cover.It is the washer that separates the circlip from the ball bearing.

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