Trans Problem with Tomos A35

Hey there. I have just recently got my Tomos A35 moped up and running with alot of work bout somehow while i was riding the crankcase opened and the oil came out. I was forced to ride it home like this. Now when i start it the moped the kickstart starts running backwards. The faster i go the faster the crank spins. This is a large problem for now it does not run right!

Re: Trans Problem with Tomos A35

Sprint Man /

I think you may need a new crank-shaft, and you might need to refil your transmission fluid. I'm not sure, but hopefully Ree will tell you what he thinks.

Re: Trans Problem with Tomos A35

Reeperette /

>>hopefully Ree will tell you what he thinks<<

Without a somewhat more coherent description of the problem, I can only guess...

Which is why I sometimes skip these, mind - and that it gives other folks the "good feeling" of sharing their knowhow when they've learned it.

Anyhows, I dunno how long that ride home was, nor do I know exactly what is meant by running backwards, tho that's possible in many two-strokes...I don't think he means engine-fire-run backwards.

I think, and can only guess, that the "U" shaped clip inside the transmission that has to do with kickstarting is dislodged or broken, and one should open the case and look, but it's not really a job I would reccommend for a beginner.

Now if the engine runs, and the pedals spin backwards, it's a sure BET that the U-clip is displaced somehow....but without a diagram of the transmission it's kinda hard to explain where it goes.

If one thinks they can manage, buy TWO paper-type gasket kits for the trans and take it apart, the positioning of the U-clip should be somewhat obvious, as to how it goes, if you push the gears a little this way and that.

Gotta use paper gaskets, they're the only effective ones, and make sure the surfaces mate up cleanly, use a little emory paper if need be, and DO NOT use sealant.

Reason ya buy two, is that they rip awful-damned-easy, so have a spare just in case.

Refill with 220ml of Dexron ATF, of if your preferance runs like mine, 10w30 motor oil....manual for Bullet calls for 10w30, manual for Targa calls for ATF, my preference is 10w30, but either one will work, do what your ped "likes" best.

Hope alla that helps,


Re: Trans Problem with Tomos A35

Ron Brown /

> I was forced to ride it home like this.


I am sorry, I am not familiar with Tomos trns, but did you at least call the cops and report the guy who held a gun to you head?

Anyone who forces someone to destroy a perfectly good ped deserves at least life. : )


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