My Express wont go

I bought an 82' Honda Express Last weekend.

I cleaned the carb, and got the moped to idle.

When i pull back fully on the throttle, it only revvs a small bit.

Did i not fully clean the carb?

Does it sound serious?

The Bike had been sitting in a garage for 16 years before i bought it.

and the throttle cable moves freely.

I am lacking in the skills of enigne do dad.


Re: My Express wont go

VespaCIAO /

Have you adjusted the air:gas ratio screw on the carb. Play with the screws and see what that does.


Re: My Express wont go

Ron Brown /


This is a classic symptom of a clogged main jet.

I am not familiar with your carb, but the main jet in the carb feeds gas from the float bowl to the jet directly below the throttle slide. It usually looks like a brass screw with a very small hole in the center. Use a magnifier to make sure there is no build up of crud in the small hole.


Re: My Express wont go

If the exhaust is full of carbon, it will not allow acceleration when throttled up. Too much restriction. you can test this theory out by removing the exhaust and try it without to see if it makes a difference in the hp or acceleration. If the exhaust is restricting things, try soaking it in solvent for 24 hours or so or heating it with a torch to see if things can be loosened up inside. Also a hole may need to be punctured or drilled into the lower back of the muffler in order to extend it's life.

Something else to check is the throttle cable portion that branches to the oil mixing side of the carb to the right. some time the cable can snap off and the oil is not mixing with the fuel to allow for a lubricated acceleration. Will burn things up inside if this oil valve is not functioning with the throttling.

These things may or may not help. Thought I would throw them out for grabs. :)

Re: My Express wont go

Hey Randy-

Thanks for the suggestion. That is exactly what the problem was.

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