Minnesota Licensing.....ANYONE PLEASE HELP

Brad Johnson /

I got a dilema, I have a 1984 Trac Eagle and i need it licensed in Minnesota. The previous owner is unknown and there is no title. The person i bought it from is my boss, who sold mopeds at one time and took this moped in and could not fix it so he threw it up in the attic. Now i have it running very good and i wanna drive it. It has a license plate tabbed for 1990. I could do a title transfer, but the owner is unkown as they need to sign for it. Is there anyway to get by this. I could say i built it from parts, then they make me a title, but wont they want to inspect it for road wortheyness? And for it to be "Road Worthy" hahaha, not gonna happen, i got a weed eater gas tank on it cuz the original had a leak, thats why it was "unfixable". ANYONE who is smart in this licensing government stuff or any suggestions would be Very welcome!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!


Re: Minnesota Licensing.....ANYONE PLEASE HELP

Hey brad, how you doing. I'm in the twin cities. You somewhere else? Anyways, forget all that finding the original owner stuff, unless you talk to the right court house or whatever they are most likely going to tell you to get bent. You just need to get a certain form and fill it out. It's a title obtaining form. The DMV will search for a title and when it comes back that it doesn't have one and isn't stolen then you must take some pictures of it and send them and then i think fill out another form and then you will get a title eventually. It kind of sucks but thats how its done. Pretty strict rules. When i first called to get a title for a moped and i mentioned that it was from texas they said i would need to talk to the last owner who had a license or they couldn't help me out. Like i am gonna drive to texas. Fuck that. Just say you got it at a flee market for $20 and you don't know it's history. Then they just don't search for the owners and just verify that it's legit. DMV people are dumb. Hope that helps and let me know how it works. I need to apply for two title soon also.

Re: Minnesota Licensing.....ANYONE PLEASE HELP

Hey Brad,

I'm over in Eden Prairie, were are you at?

I just got plates for moped about a month ago, and the people at the DMV did not no one thing about mopeds. I had to explain everything to them. Tell them you found it in the garbage and they will run a check on the vin numbers. It should come back clear and they will want to know how much it is worth because you have to pay a tax on it. Tell them it is worth $1.

Good luck.

Paul L

Re: Minnesota Licensing.....ANYONE PLEASE HELP

Hey guys, im in Albert Lea

THANKS FOR THE INFO, im gonna have my dad try that tomorrow. THANKS


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