Honda Helix

anybody got one? what ever happened to Don ,,up north?

thats what I'd like when I get my license back.Rog

Re: Honda Helix

those are real nice. :>)

Re: Honda Helix

hey rog.. what ya been up to lately.. haven't seen a post in a while. I think im getting a semi decent c70 passport in a day or so...

im nervous.. I hope it doesn't go as roughly as my still going on puegeot project.

I wish.

Reeperette /

I cannot afford one, or I'd have one....244cc's ? you bet.

A friend of mine had one and would regularly push it to the limit, the only downside was that it's wheelbase was so damn big you couldn't take the motorcycle test on it, cause no way could you get it to weave between the cones...

But it's a damn nice ride, for a scooter.

There's also a 180cc (not for export) made by another company that'll do 80-90mph outta the box, be damn funny to blast by a cage pusher on that, wouldn't it now ?

Of course, I also wouldn't mind owning a "Super Kannon" (cycle powered by a ford 350 truck motor) so don't mind me.....


Re: Honda Helix

is that similar to the honda elite? I just got an 86 150. it runs good, needs a few tweaks here and there, and the paneling is in bad shape. dropped too many times. but it has KICK off the throttle. Cant wait to get it road worthy. the previous owner said he got his california motorcycle license using it! the DMV was not to happy, but it was legal, since it was 150cc. i can turn almost on a 6 foot circle. ive, only ridden it about ten minutes, cause the brakes are bad, and i am not yet ready to work on it. other projects first.

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