Hey Wayne

Ron Brown /


You expressed interest in counter steering and convinced me to post my long rambling account of it.

Did you read it and what do you think?


Re: Hey Wayne

counter smear counters beer

Re: Hey Wayne

It was a good article ron.. I actualy saved the document for future refrence... I guess I have never experienced it though

I've never really riddin a motor cycle.. i have riddin my moped but never really cruising.. just a few short hops here and there...

I did turn the handle bars but only becuase it was to slow to actualy lean to turn.. and I guess not fast enough for the force that deals with countersteering to ever affect me.

Im supposed to be getting a c70 honda in the next few days.. I am gonna try it out :0)

Re: Hey Wayne

Ron Brown /


It even happens on a bicycle at anything over about 5 mph, but it is easier to experience at faster speeds.

See this link from Zippy



Re: Hey Wayne

david f martin /

I tried this, and it does work. Also, I queried a couple of guys at work who ride motorcycles, they already knew about countersteering.

Just bump the right side of the handlebar while going straight down the road, and see which way you go.


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