Peugoet on/off

do peugeots have an on/off switch? or just the decompression lever?

RE: Peugoet on/off

If your moped has one of those "THIS VEHICLE CONFORMS..." stickers on it, there should be a kill switch on the handlebars also.

All mopeds imported into the U.S. had to have two engine stops.


RE: Peugoet on/off

i know my 78 peugeot 103sp has an electrical kill switch in addition to the decompression valve (well.._had_ a kindof broke off). on mine its a blue wire that kills the engine when shorted to ground.

RE: Peugoet on/off

Thomas Belvin /

I've got a 1995 that wasn't imported and it just has a decomprssion lever. Not much fun when the carburator freezes open! Ya, the kill switch is a good idea, especially if it needs a key.

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