Oxidized Paint Question

Hi all,

I'd like to shine up my old Moped, but the powder blue paint is oxidized (looks like its covered with a haze or fog) and is developing some rust spots. I tried a cheap buffing wax, but it didn't seem to make much of a difference. Any ideas?


Re: Oxidized Paint Question

Ron Brown /


White auto rubbing compound.


Re: Oxidized Paint Question

Get a mildly abrasive buffing compound. If that dosn't do it, try some EXTREMELY light sanding with 600 grit paper. Use a wet or dry paper, and keep a trickle of water on the part you'r sanding. Just don't go thru the paint.

Kind of a weird trick here- if you have the right color, but it just won't shine, use future floor wax. Wipe it on with a clean rag. I had some very serious model car buddies, and they would load up an airbrush and paint it on as a clear-coat.

As for the rust spots, use aluminum foil and wd40 to scrub it off. Clean off the wd40 with "grease cutting" dish soap.

Re: Oxidized Paint Question

i like to use a really fine steel wool.. not the scrubbing pots and pans type but some that is actualy almost like cotton


why buff and spend money on chiemcals and the hasstle of trying to restore your paint job.. go buy a roll of masking tape a few cans of paint and give it a nice new fresh paint job.

I had so much fun with mine.. i left it as it sat tapped everything and painted...

I ended up finding where my gas tank was and got a new frame.. Since i had everything all apart I repainted agian... man.. my moped looks so glossy...

I used the 2002 model mustang atlantic ocean blue.

it looks nice I also did a coustom job.. with some chromalusion on the back stop light fixture.

I guess what im getting at is it is fun to dissemble your moped and painting it give you a reason to do so.. it also lets you spend time making your moped look nicer and more siuted to your tastes.

turtle wax rubbing compound should work fine for oxidation though... steel wool or never dull should be great on the rust

Re: Oxidized Paint Question

Thanks for all the suggestions. I'll give them a try and see which works. I was able to get the chrome nice and shiny, but that just makes the paint look that much more dull! Thanks again!


Re: Oxidized Paint Question

Use something to wash off the dirty buffing compound, it should brighten it up

Re: Oxidized Paint Question

Scrub it with Ajax First, give it a try! Doug d.

Re: Oxidized Paint Question

I have to say, the tin foil and WD-40 trick worked like a charm!

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Just wait untill you try the future floor wax on some dull paint. It gives most stuff a creepy shine... not like a normal car wax job either. Two layers of it will make cardboard shine.

Re: Oxidized Paint Question

if you got a old car thats dull and faded ,try a corner with WD40 with a rag .just spray on and wipe off. when you wash a car or ped,crumple up some newspaper [no wd needed] and do the chrome. take the water mark away and shines.

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