Cheepest place for moped parts?

What place is the overall cheepest most reliable place to buy parts? I am restoring a 1975 Bombardier Puch moped.

RE: Cheepest place for moped parts?

cheapest place i know of is a place called "Bob Sauer's Cycle Shop" here in Pennsylvania (you can look up his telephone number and info by looking up the moped dealers on it's an independent business run out of his garage but he has a lot of puches and such there and ordered parts for us and didn't charge much overhead at all.

the most reliable place i know of (very quick shipping) is not the cheapest prices i've seen (i'd say they have moderate pricing) but they have a lot of parts especially for puch and tomos mopeds.


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RE: Cheepest place for moped parts?

Call Handy Bikes. The number is at <>. The site is pretty lame, but they KNOW their mopeds. I get my parts from them. They knew right away what a Bianchi Snark was.

RE: Cheepest place for moped parts? and both are reasonable and will do what they say.

RE: Cheepest place for moped parts?

The Moped Warehouse /

I like to think we have the cheapest prices. We have thousands and thousands of new old stock original equiptment parts for your Bombardier, Puch, Motobecane, Garelli,Sachs, Peugeot, etc. Our policy is we will beat any legit price ( legit means means the same . Not comparing OE parts with the generic junk available in the aftermarket) by at least 15%. We also do not bang you on the shiping like I have seen some places do.



Toll free US # 877-268-6909

spare parts supplier

Looking for a spare parts supplier for motobecane moped in Australia. Particualy Western Australia.


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