breaking a moped in

any suggestions on the proper break-in of a new avanti super sport. I bought it brand new on friday, and was wondering how much I should pay attention to the sticker that said "dont go faster than 20 mph for the first 300 miles". It drives me crazy not going its capable 35-40 mph, but I'm sure its proper break-in will insure it being able to go fast in the future.

Re: breaking a moped in

Yes, the break in period is a good thing to do.. some advice...

If the back wheel ever locks up on you, like it has on many Avanti's, I don't think it is because of a faulty transmission usually....

The Avanti is from India, where gasoline is expensive, so the Indian biker's goal in life is to extract as much mileage from their bikes as possible, they favor gas mileage over speed...Avanti put a size 52 jet in my Pacco carb...I think it is the smallest , leanest jet they could get away with...great gas milaeage but the motor ran hot and lean.,back wheel would lock up sometimes from a, you might want to buy a couple of jets for your carb ( they're like $3.50 each ) that are the next sizes up from what they have installed...And then keep those extra jets on hand incase you have an engine heating's my understanding that Avanti has tried several different style carbs in their bikes, so I don't know exactly which one you have..alittle larger jet might allow your engine to run cooler,extend the life of your motor and not have the back wheel sieze up ( engine soft sieze )..that is just from my experience as an Avanti owner... if the dealer offers you an official Avanti " speed kit " for sale, don't buy it... all they do is sieze up the motor.... the Italian Pollini kit is much better....good luck and may your new bike be trouble-free !!

Re: breaking a moped in

The time tested and proven best way to break in an engine is to:

1. don't let it get too hot.

2. use a higher oil to gas ratio for the 1st 5 tanks of gas.

3. don't run it too slow all the time.

The best thing you can do is run easy until the engine is warmed up. Then open the throttle until it gets up to near top speed, then back off and let it cool down. About 20 or 30 seconds of full throttle is good. Don't do any long runs without shutting it down to cool off. The heating up and cooling down often speeds up the break in.

As time goes by, gradually increase the time you run it fast, and by the time you have burned 3 tanks of fuel the engine should be good for the long runs.

Before you go very far, check the oil in your transmission. My Avanti came to me with about 2 ounces of oil in it...Ken D

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