moped junkyard

about how long does it take for the crap i purschased to arrive. i ordered it saturday.

Re: moped junkyard

depends where you are. It took a day and a half for me.

Re: moped junkyard

Add a day for Sunday, since nobody delivers then.

Re: moped junkyard

they have been good to me, and i live out here in so cal, i have ordered three times and it took less than three working days to get to me

Re: moped junkyard

SteelToad /

It depends on where you live, and when you ordered it saturday, and if the order was online or phone.

If you ordered it after their shipper arrived on saturday, then your order could not even leave their door till sometime on monday, and then you have to wait for the shipper to get around to you. (I'm assuming you meant last saturday)

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