jawa x25

i have a 1980 jawa x25 that tops out at 23 mph, the bike runs good, the muffler is clean, new piston , and the timing is good, i just want it to be a little faster, say 30 or 35, anyone know of any mods i could do , i know there is a jawa x30, what are the differeces between the x25 and the x30?, thanks for any hep

Re: jawa x25

hi my name is Donnie Jawa was my first moped it was a 1989 210 sprot one speed it was really slow so what i did was go all out, I bored for biger piston and ring rejeted my carb but be carfull not to overe jet, run a hot ngk plug chang sprokit size most Jawa have one speed so thay top out at a high rpm but low speed so sprokit size can help there after all this I toped out at a blindins 36 mph mut it still wasnt mutch on hills hope i have helped let me no how you do. if i can help more let me no Donnie

Re: jawa x25

where can i get a diffrent sprocket?

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