I have recently acquired a sachs Ktm moped and am in the process of repairing it however I have found many bent and broken parts due to a previous owners wreck. To my dismay I have been having difficulty finding anything for such an old moped and the best luck I have had is with the mopedjunkyard however I need a new rear wheel assembly(bearings, brakes, lever thingie) minus sprockets to really make the thing live again. Sorry about the poor description but I don't yet have a manual to look up the part name in. I don't suppose anybody would be able to help me with a source to find those parts? Thanks.


I'm an idiot. Next time I'll get the subject right. doh. =-(


try to get ahold of Ike He's supposed to have a big pile o'sachs parts. The moped warehouse is a good place to figure out what parts you need. The best prices are at handybikes. call them and ask for BJ- but anyone there can help you.


hey, if Ike doesnt have what you need. try Handy Bikes in COlumbus Ohio.. they used to be a huge sachs dealer and they have an entire warehouse of moped parts... a ton of which are sachs. call and ask for BJ.

good luck


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