Whats the best brand

resident weevil /

no bs guys... i dont care if becuase you own a avanti and think its the best. What is the most high quality moped company? Tomos? I think so, but i don't know what I'm talking about so....

Also, This is the best QUALITY moped, not the fastest or loudest etc... What won't fall apart on me?

Re: Whats the best brand

What do you plan to do with the moped?

Re: Whats the best brand

I would say Vespas are the best. But you can't really get new vespa mopeds in the states...right now. I hear Tomos are quality.

Re: Whats the best brand

Dan Webber Kastner /

Minarelli based mopeds, or sachs. the total best.



moped army

swarm and destroy

Re: Whats the best brand

I would think that almost any European made moped would be among the best out there.... now, trying to find a new one that is sold in the USA is a totally different problem

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