i just got a KAMASURA VRX, i have many questions.

exhibit a /

untill a few days ago i had never heard of the KAMASURA and now i am wanting to hear more.

general info: country of origin



and of course anything else.

thank you

Re: i just got a KAMASURA VRX, i have many questio

I never heard of these either...

Although MOPED ARMY has a picture of a

1987 Kamasura here...


What year is yours??

Re: i just got a KAMASURA VRX, i have many questio

I just bought one from a neighbor this evening. 1987 model. Let me know if you find out any thing else. Did a yahoo search and got nothing.

KAMASURA VRX questions

steve80127 /

I too just got a Kamasura VRX at a yard sale. It looks completely unused (foam packaging material still on it in places), but I know nothing about it except the name and SN. I saw your posting and wondered if you have found any information about it, such as a manual. Is the mfg date stamped on the frame somewhere?

Any info would be appreciated.



Re: KAMASURA VRX questions

Daniel Boone (MSN: Frontier) /

I have a Kamasura VRX also. I am wondering where I could get moped parts for this cycle. I need two piston rings. help will be apreciated.

Re: KAMASURA VRX questions

The closeup of the engine in the photo section looks like a copy of a Sachs with the one piece head/cylinder.

Mic out the piston and cylinder and see if Sachs parts will work.

Re: KAMASURA VRX questions

It is definitely Chinese, and the engine design is Sachs. But I have run into a couple of situations trying to use Yamaha parts on Lifan copies of Yamaha engines, and they didn't fit, mostly due to the really sloppy tolerances of the Lifan engine. Lifan piston rings and bearings are both thinner than genuine Yamaha parts. That may be the case here too. Peace. Jerry.

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