Batavus owners list


I'm putting together a webpage for Batavus mopeds. I'm trying to get a Batavus owners list together so people have someone to ask questions about these old

mopeds. If you're interested

e-mail me at and tell me your name, e-mail address and what Batavus model you have.


RE: Batavus owners list

you could just link to our owners directory, with a search for batavaus.

just a thought.


RE: Batavus owners list

could someone please re-fresh my memory from the early 1970s. what was the equivilent batavus to the fs1e of the times and has anyone got a picture. I remember some point of sale literature showing a model in yellow speeding past a concession somwhere in Solihull West Mids england and I was more than impressed by its stature

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