oil injection by pass puch?

can I by pass the oil injection on my puch magnum and just give it two cycle gas? Any help on this? great.

Re: oil injection by pass puch?


If by By-pass you mean not use then yes. Just make sure you mix the correct mixture in a gas can and just pour it into the tank on your ped.

Trac Man

Re: oil injection by pass puch?

InfectedBootSector /

Yea.. just mix a gallon of gas with 2.5 oz of a high quality 2 stroke oil and dump it into the tank. I would not trust the oil injection, as it tends to run a bike really lean on oil if it malfunctions.

Re: oil injection by pass puch?

Mike (MA) /

One more suggestion (suggested to me when I asked the same question):

It was mentioned that I should somehow cover the inlet brass nipple on the intake manifold so that it's not sucking in extra air. THe extra air could make the engine run too hot. I'm actually still using the pump, but I do get nervous wondering if it's working properly. It's not like you can see the oil-level decreasing in the oiltank. Good luck.

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