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Hey everyone,

I found a 1978 Honda Hobbit at the lanfill yesterday and I need some help. I have cleaned the carberator out and everything and it still wont run right. It will start up and run great for mabye 10 seconds. Then it boggs out and wont start for a while. It is in good shape for someone to of thrown it away. I have a picture attached so you all can see it. It looks good from the distance i took the picture from. Any closer and you could see all the dings and marks. Is there any easier way to get the carberator off of this thing other then dropping the engine like i had to do? Its a pain in the ass re-mounting that engine by yourself.

Thanks alot,

Trac Man

P.S- any carberator adjusting tips would me helpful too. THere is like 3-4 frikkin screws on that things carb. :)


Exactly like mine

Looks like its in great shape !... good deal.. Free ?

I have the exact same ped... rode it 55 miles today.

Stock.. they are slow... 21mph is all... but you can do a few things to perk it up... mine does 27 to 30.

Your problem ?.... the carb needs cleaning again... and you have to push out the brass piece above the main jet.

Then install an inline fuel filter ! ... (a small one!).

Carb screws...

.. One is just the idle speed... (holds the butterfly open a little).

..Another is the idle mix screw... (this is the only one that controls fuel).. its the one on an angle towards the front.

Try it at about 1 1/2 or 2 turns out.

Another is just a blank... it is just a cover.. (thats the aluminum one)... tighten and forget it.

The one on the bottom of the float bowl is just a drain... screw it all the way in and leave it there.

You can search for posts under my name and find lots of references to PA-50-I's..

(including the way to get the carb out easier... you use ropes from the rafters in a garage and lift the frame off (a little) after undoing 3 bolts... then swing the frame aside a bit and take out the carb... a lot easier than dropping the motor)

Ask.. and I'll try to answer.

Re: Exactly like mine

lucky bastard:)

Re: Exactly like mine

Hey Fred,

Yes free. I smuggled it out of the landfill friday afternoon. What do you mean the brass piece above the main jet? Do i pop it out and leave it out? Of just make sure to clean that part real good? What are the tips to perk it up to 27 or so? I dont know what im going to do with this ped yet but i might wind up selling it. So if you want it for parts or something let me know and if i cant figure out how to get it running right ill sell it.


Trac Man

Re: Exactly like mine

...I meant you push out that brass piece above the main jet and clean it good.. then put it back in.

(its hard to get out sometimes... I take a piece of wire coathanger and bend the end and stick it into the carb and PUSH it out from the inside.)

The PA50I needs lots of little changes to get it going better... (thats why the PA50II is better).. Mine has several small mods and will do 30 on a good day.... Get yours running first though.

Re: Exactly like mine


I got it running good now. I rode it around my neighborhood today for a good 30min But now the little hole on the top of the carberator leaks gas. It will run out in a trickle.

Whats wrong with it now? :)

Trac Man

Re: Exactly like mine

Ron Brown /

You have float, float valve or seat problems. If it just started, you may just have a piece of crud between the needle and seat.


Backwards floatbowl ??

I meant to tell you one thing... the PA50 carb has a 'flaw' in its design... The float bowl can go on two ways... one way is wrong... because the 'stand pipe' in the float bowl will interfere with the float from moving properly.

Which means the float and needle isn't working... which is why the overflow is dripping.

So you have to take it apart and make sure it is on the correct way... and then mark it so its easy to check later.

Re: Backwards floatbowl ??

I know what you mean about the " Stand Pipe". Looks like i got mine on backwards then. Will that have any differece with the performance?


Trac Man

Re: Backwards floatbowl ??

Ron Brown /


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